Monthly Archives: September 2008


Its been one of those weeks that hasn’t got any calmer or less stressful. I would now like to spend a few days on my own (or even better, with Mr WF) doing nothing at home. I can’t for several reasons. Firstly, our house is a building site and I’m finding it all quite stressful (even though the electricians are wonderfully good at clearing up at the end of the day). And secondly, I am off to London this afternoon to be a ridesmaid at a wedding (which I am excited about but am trying to muster up the emotional and physical energy that it will require.

Did I mention Alpha this week? I am helping to lead a small group at our church’s Alpha course. I was expecting it to me tiring but what happened this week was beyond anything I could imagine. Without going into too many gory details, two members of my small group (who both suffer from psychiatric problems) slit their wrists outside the church during the meal. Needless to say, it was traumatic for all involved. I spent most of the evening trying to clear up the blood. My head is still spinning. And my heart goes out to those two lovely ladies who felt so desperate that they had to do something so drastic. Sometimes, I really don’t like the world that I am living in.

And now I need to switch modes into excited, happy, calming wedding mode. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited and happy. It just seems to be a little bit buried under all the other emotions of the week. I’ll post photos next week as I do have a totally gorgeous dress to wear though!


Too many things to do (at work and at home) and not enough time.

I have a killer headache thats been with me for several days and I want to go home and sleep it off. But the rewiring begins today so I cant be off sick for the next month. Oh dear.

I am bridesmaid at a wedding this weekend which is very exciting but also means lots of things to do and a not very restful weekend.

Oh well. Next weeks a doss at work (most of the staff and pupils will be celebrating Eid) so I can recover then.

Afternoon Tea

A friend came over to hang out yesterday and we got excited about cupcakes. So, we baked and baked and baked and made fancy invitations which we gave out at church today. We invited around 8 people some who we knew well, many who we didnt really know at all to Afternoon Tea.

We had a glorious afternoon getting to know people, drinking tea and eating three different varieties of cake. I think we’re going to make it a regular event.

I guess you’ll be wanting to see what you missed out on….


How to get rid of unwanted visitors at the door on a Saturday morning

[This really only works on super-religious types who find nakedness to be against their religion]

There was a knock at the door. I answered it wearing two rather fetching hot pink towels (one on the head, one on the body). There stood two very smartly dressed men who I soon realised were Jehovah’s Witnesses. They took on elook at me, threw a pamphlet in my direction and ran away.

I somehow doubt that this technique would work on any other door-to-door salesmen.


I have pressing desire to go home and make mountains of cupcakes with thick icing and cute little casing. I think I have got a bit carried away after reading this blog.

So, the dilemma is this: do I make lemon souffle cupcakes, chocolate truffle cupcakes or something new (from my book titled 500 Cupcakes and Muffins or from the website linked above) this evening? Please vote now.

Anyone want to pop round for tea and a cupcake this evening?

Car issues

Driving home yesterday (after what turned out to be quite a nice day) there was a funny smell in the car. I opened the boot to retrieve the cooking apples a colleague had kindly given me to discover that the screeen wash bottle had leaked all over the boot (and the apples – must remember to give them a good wash before using). I intended then to fill up the screen wash hole in the car as it has run out and the windscreen is very dirty.

I couldn’t open the bonnet. I know there must be a lever somewhere but after at least 2 minutes crawling around in the footwell I couldn’t find it. Thwarted, I returned the screen wash bottle to the boot. I must ask Mr WF where the specila bonnet-opening lever is.

For M: I will shortly send you the dangly bit for your lamp, but I am waiting for something to arrive in the post that I can make something else out of to send to you in the same package. Should be soon though!

Is it going to be a good day today?

Do you ever feel a little miserable and unmotivated on a Monday morning? I do. So I play a little game to help me be positive about the day.

It goes like this:
I try to think of good things about today or things to look forward to when I get home tonight. I then weigh them up against the not so good things and see how it turns out.

Meeting after work today (-1)
Meeting with a friend to chat and pray this evening (+1)
Hoping for two exciting deliveries today (+2)
Not entirely expecting either delivery to arrive (-2)
[Its looking quite balanced so far, until…]
Cat vomits entire breakfast onto kitchen floor in several puddles (-5)
[If you dont like the smell of cat foor first time round, imagine what it smells like when its been halfway through a cat and back out again]
Slight queasy feeling as a result of clearing up cat sick (-2)
Subsequent lateness for work (-1)
Total: -8
Not a great start to the day, me thinks.

However, it has improved. One exciting delivery appears to have arrived, and a colleague has just given me a bag of cooking apples (hot apple scones for tea today). Hopefully it will continue to get better.

My advice

for climbing mountains in the dark, in the middle of the night, in a lot of rain is to NOT GET LOST.

Unfortunately I did not share this advice with Mr WF before he undertook the Three Peaks Challenge this week.

I apologise for my error and for my unsympathetic reaction when he returned having climbed two mountains and had a long long walk around a mountain in the dark, in the middle of the night and in a lot of rain.