Is it going to be a good day today?

Do you ever feel a little miserable and unmotivated on a Monday morning? I do. So I play a little game to help me be positive about the day.

It goes like this:
I try to think of good things about today or things to look forward to when I get home tonight. I then weigh them up against the not so good things and see how it turns out.

Meeting after work today (-1)
Meeting with a friend to chat and pray this evening (+1)
Hoping for two exciting deliveries today (+2)
Not entirely expecting either delivery to arrive (-2)
[Its looking quite balanced so far, until…]
Cat vomits entire breakfast onto kitchen floor in several puddles (-5)
[If you dont like the smell of cat foor first time round, imagine what it smells like when its been halfway through a cat and back out again]
Slight queasy feeling as a result of clearing up cat sick (-2)
Subsequent lateness for work (-1)
Total: -8
Not a great start to the day, me thinks.

However, it has improved. One exciting delivery appears to have arrived, and a colleague has just given me a bag of cooking apples (hot apple scones for tea today). Hopefully it will continue to get better.

3 thoughts on “Is it going to be a good day today?

  1. I like this game – maybe I should start playing it to.
    today would go something like this….
    silent exam with year 11s – +2
    HORRIBLE year 9 lesson – -5
    Year 7s doing CATs so lesson off – +2
    funny yet challenging year 8s – +1
    last lesson off – +1
    lovley boyfriend gives me lots of hugs and worries about me when I get home – +3
    so if I do the maths its +4 so not a bad start to the week
    I SO hope your day tomorrow gets better!! and also that kitty is better

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