Car issues

Driving home yesterday (after what turned out to be quite a nice day) there was a funny smell in the car. I opened the boot to retrieve the cooking apples a colleague had kindly given me to discover that the screeen wash bottle had leaked all over the boot (and the apples – must remember to give them a good wash before using). I intended then to fill up the screen wash hole in the car as it has run out and the windscreen is very dirty.

I couldn’t open the bonnet. I know there must be a lever somewhere but after at least 2 minutes crawling around in the footwell I couldn’t find it. Thwarted, I returned the screen wash bottle to the boot. I must ask Mr WF where the specila bonnet-opening lever is.

For M: I will shortly send you the dangly bit for your lamp, but I am waiting for something to arrive in the post that I can make something else out of to send to you in the same package. Should be soon though!

One thought on “Car issues

  1. that’s great! now i’m interested + and quite excited! lamp is doing quite well without dangly thing – can wait to be reunited!!! xx

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