Monthly Archives: September 2008

A rather scary meeting and a tin can car

I attended a meeting after work this week (a bit harsh being the first week back after the summer I thought). The agenda appeared in my pigeon hole. Upon glancing at it I noticed that item 6 was Pastoral Assistants. I am a Pastoral Assistant. It is a role the school created in January of this year and my colleague L and I are the first in post.

We wondered why we were on the agenda and what we would have to say. We tried to find out but noone seemed to know. It got to the meeting and after endless waffling we came to item number 6. The head started to speak… and continued to speak for around 15 mins about what are job was and wasn’t and what other staff should expect of us and not expect of us. It wasn’t so bad in the end. But I wish someone had informed us in advance.

Also, the lovely new (ish) car is in the garage and they have given me a tin can to drive until its fixed. My commute to and from work is now undertaken with a scowl on my face. Maybe the wind will change and it’ll stay like that…

Oh the shame

We invited our next door neighbour to the Alpha course being run at church. Last night was the Taster Evening (fish & chips and a chat) and she came along.

She was telling me how her son doesn’t like her going out and was clinging to her and needing lots of hugs before he would let her go (slightly unusual behaviour for a 12 year old boy – but he is a sweetie). So I suggested that we sent special kitty round to entertain him while she was gone (he has been known to go round there occassionally). To which she replied, ‘Oh, he’s been round already. He comes round most days. Tonight he got up on to the table chewed the flowers and then just lolled about on the table while I was cooking dinner!’.

Ooops. I am slightly embarrassed. Why can’t I have a normal cat that like to go outside and hunt instead of popping round to the neighbours for a cup of tea and a chat.

And while we’re on the subject of special kitty causing embarrassment…

Occassionally we will get a knock at the front door, and it will be our neighbour’s son letting us know that we ought to feed special kitty as he has been wailing at their back door for the last half an hour. During the holidays, there was a knock at the door and it was the neighbour’s son. I was expecting him to let me know that the cat was being whingey and that I should feed him. Oh no, it was worse. Special kitty has been sick, said the boy. Please, please tell me its not in your house. No, in the garden. Phew. Ahhh. Shame.


I have man flu
AND I am miserable
AND I have to drive to London tonight
AND I have to go to a hen do tmrw (as I am chief bridesmaid and chief organiser)
AND I have to go to Mr WF’s grandma’s 80th birthday meal on Sun
AND still have to make purchases for both events
AND there is no time
AND I have man flu

Whinge over. Hope everyone is enjoying life post Greenbelt. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend every day flitting between the Tiny Tea Tent and the Beer Tent, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones?…