Monthly Archives: October 2008

A balanced diet

Is it bad that I have eaten toast for dinner 4 nights out of 5 this week? I had toast and marmite 3 times and toast with peanut butter once.

I’m hoping that one day soon I will have the time to do some grocery shopping and cok some food! Today, however, I am boarding up the bathroom floor so its toast for breakfast, probably the same for lunch but hopefully something else for dinner.


I’d like to apologise in advance. I am a little bit obsessed with my bathroom. And I may not be able to talk about anything else for a while.

The old is being ripped out tomorrow, Mr WF and I will be laying a plywood floor over the floorboards over the weekend. We will also be cutting all the tiles and numbering them for future laying. The walls and ceiling will be plastered on Monday. The tile jigsaw will be reassembled by myself and Mr WF on Tues and glued and grouted(and yes, we are gonna really smell bad by this point). The new bathroom will be fitted on Wednesday (when MR WF and I go away).

On Sunday, when we return, I am going to get into the bath and never leave. Mmmm.

Things I am especially excited about are: the floor tiles (with sparkly bits), the bath (its huge – I’ve been trying it out where it currently sits, all packaged up in the utility room), the taps, the special dimmer switch/lighting options (two sets of lights in the bathroom, one on a dimmer so baths can be had in softly-lighted luxury) and the Molten Brown bubble bath that I am going to buy to celebrate.


Last night, before going to bed, I gave the bath a quick clean. I don’t do this very often as it is a scuzzy green colour with lots of chips, marks, nasty bits etc. This is mainly because
a) you can’t really tell when its dirty and
b) it never really looks clean, even after you’ve scrubbed it.

So imagine my horror when discovering that it was a much lighter green than I had thought. Oh dear, I’m such a slob.

But all this is soon to change. The new bathroom was delivered this week (all white and sparkling). The new floor tiles arrive on Monday (all black and sparkling) and the plumber arrives on Friday (not sure what colour he is and I’m not sure if he sparkles or not) to remove the old scuzzy suite. Just the problem of laying the floor now (see post below).

Getting advice

I was asking some advice about laying a tile floor in my bathroom from (apparently) the tile expert at a well known DIY shop. The conversation went like this:
Me: Can I lay tiles straight onto floorboards or do I need to cover them with a plywood floor first?
Him: You can lay them straight onto the floor using special flexible adhesive. I’ll show you..
[He takes us to look at adhesive. All going well so far]
Me: So you can lay this directly onto the floorboards and there will be no problems?
Him: Yes?
Me: What about any gaps in the floorboards? Wont the adhesive drip through?
Him: It doesn’t matter
Me: Why not?
Him: Beacuse of the plywood
Me: What plywood?
Him: The plywood that you’ll put down before you put the tiles down
Me: But you just said that we didn’t need to put plywood down
Him: You don’t
Me: So what do you do about the gaps if you’re not putting plywood down?
Him: Oh, you NEED to put plywood down
Me: Oh, that clears it up then

Then I left, absolutely no clearer about what I should do. Any suggestions?


Yesterday was my birthday. It made me feel old. Not because I am old. But because it was my first birthday ever when I didn’t feel that child-like excitement that I normally do. Mother told me that it means its time for me to have kids.

I did, however, arrive home to three parcels (one of them huge) and 4 cards. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much birthday post.

Today is my official birthday as Mr WF and I weren’t able to celebrate last night (I was at Alpha, he was babysitting [ie. playing Wii with the neighbours boys]). He’s up for going out, romantic meal, cinema etc. I want to stay at home and clear up the mess from the rewire (they should be all finished by the time I get home today). I think that this proves that I am, in fact, old.

Security at home

By security, I don’t mean big burly men dressed in black suits standing outside the door. I mean feeling safe and comfortable to do what you want in your own home.

We have a security issue at the moment. Or maybe its a comfort issue. It involves toilets (I promise I wont be crude here). We have two toilets in our house and both are not quite up to standard.

The options before us are:
1) toilet with no lock and no lighting
2) toilet with no heating and a door that wont shut

Do you see my dilemma? Normally, I’d use the one with no light and leave the door open, but we have a student living with us at the moment and I don’t think she’d appreciate that. There is something disconcerting about peeing in the dark. But equally discomforting is peeing with the door open (the cat likes to come and say hello if you do this).

Hopefully the light situation will be fixed today and we can get on with our business.

Things NOT to do with a cereal bar

Put it in your pocket, uneaten (but possibly opened), whilst climbing a mountain (mentioning no names).

When it has been through the washing machine, undiscovered, it looks like vomit. With raisins in. And covers all the other clothes with what looks like vomit. And needs scraping out of the washing machine door seal with my bare hands.

It resulted in someone being a little bit unpopular.