Security at home

By security, I don’t mean big burly men dressed in black suits standing outside the door. I mean feeling safe and comfortable to do what you want in your own home.

We have a security issue at the moment. Or maybe its a comfort issue. It involves toilets (I promise I wont be crude here). We have two toilets in our house and both are not quite up to standard.

The options before us are:
1) toilet with no lock and no lighting
2) toilet with no heating and a door that wont shut

Do you see my dilemma? Normally, I’d use the one with no light and leave the door open, but we have a student living with us at the moment and I don’t think she’d appreciate that. There is something disconcerting about peeing in the dark. But equally discomforting is peeing with the door open (the cat likes to come and say hello if you do this).

Hopefully the light situation will be fixed today and we can get on with our business.

One thought on “Security at home

  1. I have previously blogged about this very issue (I think around February of last year) – I used lots of tea lights, but this wasn’t very practical if you were caught short as there wasn’t time to light them all. I had lots of very interesting suggestions, I think my favourite was to get a miner’s lamp.

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