Yesterday was my birthday. It made me feel old. Not because I am old. But because it was my first birthday ever when I didn’t feel that child-like excitement that I normally do. Mother told me that it means its time for me to have kids.

I did, however, arrive home to three parcels (one of them huge) and 4 cards. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much birthday post.

Today is my official birthday as Mr WF and I weren’t able to celebrate last night (I was at Alpha, he was babysitting [ie. playing Wii with the neighbours boys]). He’s up for going out, romantic meal, cinema etc. I want to stay at home and clear up the mess from the rewire (they should be all finished by the time I get home today). I think that this proves that I am, in fact, old.

4 thoughts on “OLD

  1. Happy birthday! And yes, you do appear to be showing a few worrying signs of age. Be persuaded to go out for the romantic meal! The clearing up can wait.

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