Getting advice

I was asking some advice about laying a tile floor in my bathroom from (apparently) the tile expert at a well known DIY shop. The conversation went like this:
Me: Can I lay tiles straight onto floorboards or do I need to cover them with a plywood floor first?
Him: You can lay them straight onto the floor using special flexible adhesive. I’ll show you..
[He takes us to look at adhesive. All going well so far]
Me: So you can lay this directly onto the floorboards and there will be no problems?
Him: Yes?
Me: What about any gaps in the floorboards? Wont the adhesive drip through?
Him: It doesn’t matter
Me: Why not?
Him: Beacuse of the plywood
Me: What plywood?
Him: The plywood that you’ll put down before you put the tiles down
Me: But you just said that we didn’t need to put plywood down
Him: You don’t
Me: So what do you do about the gaps if you’re not putting plywood down?
Him: Oh, you NEED to put plywood down
Me: Oh, that clears it up then

Then I left, absolutely no clearer about what I should do. Any suggestions?

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