I’d like to apologise in advance. I am a little bit obsessed with my bathroom. And I may not be able to talk about anything else for a while.

The old is being ripped out tomorrow, Mr WF and I will be laying a plywood floor over the floorboards over the weekend. We will also be cutting all the tiles and numbering them for future laying. The walls and ceiling will be plastered on Monday. The tile jigsaw will be reassembled by myself and Mr WF on Tues and glued and grouted(and yes, we are gonna really smell bad by this point). The new bathroom will be fitted on Wednesday (when MR WF and I go away).

On Sunday, when we return, I am going to get into the bath and never leave. Mmmm.

Things I am especially excited about are: the floor tiles (with sparkly bits), the bath (its huge – I’ve been trying it out where it currently sits, all packaged up in the utility room), the taps, the special dimmer switch/lighting options (two sets of lights in the bathroom, one on a dimmer so baths can be had in softly-lighted luxury) and the Molten Brown bubble bath that I am going to buy to celebrate.

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  1. Sooooo jealous! I want your amazing sounding new bathroom instead of my scuzzy shower. I miss bubble baths.

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