Monthly Archives: October 2008

Speedy Gonzalez

Not only have I cooked dinner, baked a chocolate cake, baked a lemon cake, exchanged a lampshade and been to Tescos since leaving work. I have also made 23 chocolate crispy cakes and some vodka raspberry jelly.

I also comissioned Mr WF to do all that needed doing in the dining room (all done now) and clean the kitchen (will be done tomorrow).

All is well with the world.

Now look what you’ve made me do

I wanted to select one cake to bake because:
I dont have much time
I only have enough tins to make one type (without having to wash up)
I dont have much time
I have a list as long as my arm of things to srt/tidy before the party (did I mention we were in the middle of rewiring)
I dont have much time
I have to be somewhere at 8 tonight.
And did I mention that I dont have much time?

So, I have decided to bake both (do you see how much power you have over me?). I have 3 hours between getting home and going out tonight, and 3 hours between getting home and partying tmrw. Six hours total.
Exchange a lampshade on the way home from work (-30mins). Go to the supermarket to buy ingredients, nibbles and drinks (-30mins if I run supermarket-sweep style round the aisles). Prepare and cook dinner (-45mins). Bake cake lemon cake (-30mins). Wash up (-15mins). Bake chocolate cake (-30mins). Eat dinner (-30mins). Go out.
Ice lemon cake (-20mins). Ice chocolate cake (-20mins). Clear up mess I have just made icing cakes(-20mins). Clear clutter from kitchen and lounge (-30mins). Dust, hoover and mop dining room [remember the rewiring? I’m knee-deep in dist] (-30mins). Cook, eat and clear away dinner (-45mins). Set out nibbles, glasses etc (-15mins. Be sitting serenely waiting for guests to arrive at 8pm (or curl up and sleep for a while).

Its a great plan! Lets see how it goes…

Vote now please

Tomorrow night I am having a party. Partly because its my birthday next week, but largely because I acquired two kegs of ale fromt he wedding last week.

I am planning to make cake. The dilemma is this:

Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing OR

Lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon icing

(Both follow the same sandwich-cake recipe but the difference lies in the flavour)

I can’t decide. I am more partial to the lemon variety, Mr WF is more partial to the chocolate, but both are still very popular with both of us.

Place your votes now please…