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This is the first weekend in a very long while that I’m not away, or have been staying, or have lots of decorating/DIY to do.

I am excited about pottering. I am excited about getting my hair done (although slightly anxious too!). I am excited about getting on with some of the creative things I want/need to get done. They include but are not limited to:

Make and ice gingerbread men (for advent calendar); make mums christmas pressie; make some custom orders of changing mats and breastfeeding covers; bake some cakes; help a friend move house; work on dad and sisters christmas pressie; set up my etsy shop (I’m really exciting about this one and need to do lots of sewing to fill my own little online shop!).

A nice quiet weekend then!

Overall a lovely weekend

So, I spent the weekend with some very good friends in Southampton.

The best things were: time spent with good friends I dont see often; great food; mulled wine; lots of crafting; amazing finds in the charity shops.

An unfortunate addition to the weekend was: an accidental overdose on ibuprofen (normal tablets are 200mg. I took 2 tablets which turned out to 600mg each! Don’t worry, no lasting damage – just added to the excitement of the weekend).

The weekend reminded me of how much I love to create things. I’ll post some pictures of what we made as soon as I can find the camera!

An eventful journey home

After a lovely weekend with friends in Southampton (more about that later this week), I had an unexpectedly traumatic journey home.

I was trundling up the A34 when it slowed to a crawl, and then a stop. After letting 4 fire engines, 3 police cars, 3 ambulances and 4 miscellaneous vehicles with flashing lights go by I figured that I may be sat there for quite a while. Gradually, the cars started turning off their engines and their lights. I was sat in a giant car park. And it was now pitch black. And I needed a wee!

An hour and hald later we started slowly moving. I pulled into the first service station, relieved myself and bought some comfort food from the M&S (Percy Pigs. Mmmmm).

The weather took a turn for the worse (torrential rain, strong winds) but I was making good time and wasn’t too worried about getting home. Until the windscreen wipers froze. I pulled over to the hard shoulder (which was a bit scary as I now couldn’t see a thing through the front windescreen) and tried to get the wipers to move. They wouldn’t.

Within moments of getting out of the car I was soaked to the skin. After several calls to Mr WF (and an awful lot of shouting and bad words), a breakdown service was on its way.

Its actually quite scary being stood in the bushes at the side of a motorway in the dark with raind lashing down. First, there were lorries hurtling beside me. It was very noisy and a little bit terrifying. After a while, the traffic died down. The cars were few and far between and I was working hard not to let my imagination run away with me. So I started to sing to distract myself. Unfortunately, the only song I could think of was ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. Needless to say, I wasn’t clapping my hands!

After over an hour at the side of the motorway, I was rescued. Two and a half hours later, I finally arrived home in the breakdown truck. They had to tow my car because the windscreen wipers were broken.

I’ve been off work for the last 2 days recovering. But now I have a supply of silver blankets and rain ponchos in the car should it ever happen again (thanks to the lovely highway patrol man).


There is a collague at my school who is a bully. She has just screamed and shouted at me (in the corridor, if front of students) as if I was the most vile pupil in the school for using my initiative and trying to improve the bahviour of one particular child (who she hates and bullies regularly). I’m now sat in my office trying not to cry. I hate bullies. I hate that so often they are allowed to get away with it. I hate that when I get really angry I cry.

Only six hours til the weekend begins…

A note of caution

When you attempt to remove eye makeup whilst talking on the phone and not wearing glasses. Don’t. You may get the gentle eye makeup remover mixed up with nail polish remover which you then rub into your eyes and then scream loudly.

And yes, I am speaking from personal experience.

And the winner is…

I’m afraid to say that I used none of the suggestions made on here (but your input was gratefully received!). However, there must be a winner. The one who made me and my littlest sister giggle the most was….

…jackthelass with her dribblyfish comment. Jack – you will have received an email from me asking for your address and will soon receive this in the post…

In case you can’t tell, its a notebook cover which can double as a passport holder. Jack, it may come in useful with all your travelling to and from England/Scotland.

Oh, and the name that I went for is little button designs. Can you see the button the cover?


The competition is nearly closed and the winner will be announced this evening along with the photo of what they will be receiving as a prize (I will be making it tonight as my very exciting new fabric has just arrived in the post). So this is your last chance.

Make sure you drop me a comment by 7pm tonight if you want a chance to win. [NB. This wont be a name-out-of-a-hat winner. It will be the comment that is either the best suggestion, or the one that makes me giggle the most!]

A golf lesson and a goodbye

I had my first ever golf lesson today. My sisters boyfriend (who is a professional golfer) took me, my dad, my two sisters, two cousins and a friend to the driving range this morning and gave us all a lesson. It was a lot of fun. If he was sticking around I’d have had a few more lessons from him.

But he and my sister are off on their round the world trip next week. We had a lovely weekend with the family relaxing, eating and shopping and wished them bon voyage. I’m now feeling a little bit sad (as I wont see them for 18 months) and a little bit jealous ( she was always SO much better at saving money than me!).

The bathroom

is very nearly done. All that remains to be done is the grouting. I wont post an ‘after’ photo until that is done. But it does look lovely though!

Pictures will follow soon although I am away this weekend. I am going for a family get together to say farewell to my little sister who is off travelling around the world later this month. I am expecting to see her again in June 2010. I haven’t really given it much thought until this week but I have just realised that I am going to miss her. I think it will be a little bit of an emotional weekend.

If anyone wants to come round on Sunday night  (or Monday night) to comfort me with cake and mulled wine, you would be more than welcome.

PS. Don’t forget to add your suggestions here

My dream (and a competition)

You may have guessed by now that I love creating things. I love to knit, sew, bake… the list could go on. I would love to spend all my time in my craft room creating things. I therefore need to make some money from it. I am hoping to start selling the things I make to see if I can earn enough of a living from doing what I love to not have to go to work in a job I don’t love every day. It may never happen, but sometimes you’ve just got to give it a try. 

I just need a name…. I have a friend designing a logo for me at the moment. I had a name in mind but have now decided that I don’t like it. According to M (a very good friend), the name doesn’t fit. It reminds her of flowers, whereas I make her think of spots and stripes and lots of colours!  

Any suggestions….. The best suggestion will win a prize (handmade and totally amazing of course). I’m intentionally not saying much about what I will be making and hoping to sell as I don’t want the name to limit future options.

Good luck. I will announce a winner next week.

[Update – to help those of you struggling with my vagueness, I am going to start off with selling things online and will be aiming to sell baby accessories, gifts, accessories, bags….Hope this helps.]