My dream (and a competition)

You may have guessed by now that I love creating things. I love to knit, sew, bake… the list could go on. I would love to spend all my time in my craft room creating things. I therefore need to make some money from it. I am hoping to start selling the things I make to see if I can earn enough of a living from doing what I love to not have to go to work in a job I don’t love every day. It may never happen, but sometimes you’ve just got to give it a try. 

I just need a name…. I have a friend designing a logo for me at the moment. I had a name in mind but have now decided that I don’t like it. According to M (a very good friend), the name doesn’t fit. It reminds her of flowers, whereas I make her think of spots and stripes and lots of colours!  

Any suggestions….. The best suggestion will win a prize (handmade and totally amazing of course). I’m intentionally not saying much about what I will be making and hoping to sell as I don’t want the name to limit future options.

Good luck. I will announce a winner next week.

[Update – to help those of you struggling with my vagueness, I am going to start off with selling things online and will be aiming to sell baby accessories, gifts, accessories, bags….Hope this helps.]

12 thoughts on “My dream (and a competition)

  1. Hmmmm… it’s quite difficult to think of an appropriate name without having any idea what you’re naming. Can you give any clues to help your potential entrants make decent suggestions? (i.e. are we naming a shop, a service, a creative venture, a poodle parlour etc?)

  2. Weird, I signed up to Etsy over the weekend with the aim of starting to sell my jewellery soon! Great minds think alike…

    I’m not creative enough for names, but I’ll have a think and get back to you! x

  3. Ok, I’ve been thinking. I like your whole Wibblyfish thing, so maybe you could build on that? Like:
    Wibblyfish creates/designs/creations/crafts
    Mrs Wibblyfish at home
    The work of a Wibblyfish

    They’re still not all that creative, but at least it’s not just “Jo’s designs” or something equally uninventive!

  4. Yes, I was going to go down the wibblyfish/wobblyfish/dribblyfish/etc kind of line (I thought dribblyfish because of the baby accessories, but probably not as that’s not all you’ll do).

  5. yeah!!! i’m so ecxited and proud of you that you are going to give it a go… as for names it might take take me a while – midweek my brain is full of kids and lesson plans but at the weekend i can get thinking, so don’t close the competition too early!!
    my first challenge is can you think of something else apart from flowers that my bridesmaids can carry down the aisle? i am going to have flowers but i want something unique and different for them?

  6. ps. Mr M suggests “knit and batter” please speak to him for explanation – I’m too embarrassed to say!

  7. One thought’s suddenly crossed my mind..
    “stitching but no bitching”
    Because after all, you’re a lovely Christian who would never dare bitch about anyone. 😉

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