There is a collague at my school who is a bully. She has just screamed and shouted at me (in the corridor, if front of students) as if I was the most vile pupil in the school for using my initiative and trying to improve the bahviour of one particular child (who she hates and bullies regularly). I’m now sat in my office trying not to cry. I hate bullies. I hate that so often they are allowed to get away with it. I hate that when I get really angry I cry.

Only six hours til the weekend begins…

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  1. Big hugs. Working with a bully is a nightmare (she says, from experience – I cried too). I hope that the situation can be resolved – does she do it to other colleagues, or is it just you? Can you take her to one side and point out that if she has issues with you to not yell in front of students but to discuss it with you rationally, and then attempt to have a rational discussion about whatever-it-is? I think once that’s been done you are in a better position to take it further and perhaps make a formal complaint.

    Also, write EVERYTHING down. If it happens a lot, make a note of every occasion, what was said, what the context was, etc. If it does get taken further, that will be helpful.

    Also, are you in a union? If you are, they may/should be able to offer good advice and support.

    Most of all – am praying for you. It’s a horrible situation. Hugs xx

  2. This colleague seems to be the perfect example of those who need to take the plank out of their own eye before removing the speck of dust from someone else’s.

    I can’t believe that she could be so unprofessional und discourteous as to a) yell in public and b) about bad behaviour.

    As Ian says, Jack’s advice is very sound.

    Try not to let it ruin your weekend….

  3. I was going to suggest talking to a Union rep, but I see Jack already has. Sounds like a horrible situation. I hope you feel strong enough to do something to resolve it. Suffering in silence is no fun.

  4. Again, echoing Jack’s advice, particularly the “write it all down” thing – for a lot of employers, if bullying (or any other inappropriate behaviour by employees) is brought to their attention, they’ll want evidence of exactly what’s been happening and for how long.

    Praying you have a relaxed weekend, and a better week next week.

  5. As usual, Jack has said what I’d have said (even down to having been in the same position, except that I also know that I have a similar position to return to when I go back to work!) and she’s even said it better than me. Hope things are looking brighter with the benefit of the weekend’s break.

  6. I love you and i cry when i’m angry too – which makes me more angry…

    i love you i love you i love you and papa God thinks you are the most amazing thing that he created and will back you whatever you do or say. xxx

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