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Today is Give Away Day. It is a mass give-away of handcrafted items by lots of different blogs around the world. Check out the list on SewMamaSew to see if you can win anything.

Several weeks ago I a spent a glorious weekend with 2 good friends, L and M. We had a wonderful time shopping and creating and eating and drinking. We made silk paper out of silk fibres, fabric dye, angelina fibres and various other embellishments. I am giving away my favourite of all the many things that I made that weekend. It was destined to hang on the wall of my lounge, but instead will be sent to whichever of you can entertain me the most by leaving a comment to answer the question below. But first, you’ll want to see what’s on offer:

And now for the question…

What is the worst christmas present that you have ever received?

Entries now closed. Pop back later this afternoon to see who won.

* Entries will close on Thursday Sunday morning 9am (Greenwich Mean Time) [Deadline extended due to the HUGE number of Give-Aways at SMS]

* The comment that most makes me laugh, cringe or cry the most will win. My good friend Liz will be acting as independant adjudicator to ensure that it is a fair result

* I am happy to ship overseas, so everyone is welcome to comment but I cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas for non-UK entrants

* The winner will be selected on Thursday SundayΒ and will be announced (hopefully) on Thursday Sunday evening along with a description of my own worst Christmas present (its a good ‘un – make sure you come back to find out!)

71 thoughts on “Give Away Day

  1. It was a necklace that looked like rubbish! It’s still in a box somewhere thrown aside. I don;t think anyone would ever wear it!!!

  2. Well. It was getting the worst day at disneyland. My father brought my family there and there was a big argument. He ended up leaving in a fit, leaving us alone in disneyland. And i guess, for my sister and me, it felt like a little girl’s “worst place on earth” instead of the disneyland’s motto: “happiest place on earth”. It was a really bad year for us. Sorry that it’s a bit emotional..

  3. While I know he meant well, many Christmases ago, my husband gave me a large bath scale, a jump rope, hand weights and exercise clothes. Never has he made that mistake again!

  4. The worst Christmas present I have ever received was from my sil that has been dubbed “Cousin Eddy” since she acts just like Cousin Eddy from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. One year she gave me a half used tin of lip gloss. Yes, half used. A bit icky to say the least. Gee, thanks sil! You should’nt have. Seriously. You-should’nt-have.
    Thank God it wasnt something like a toothbrush, or used Kleenex stuffed back in the box.

  5. The worst gift was a bottle of shampoo for colored hair… I didn’t have colored hair, but the giver did and I think she just pulled it out of her pantry and gave it to me =/

  6. Being an Indian and practicing Hindu traditions, I have never received any presents on Christmas πŸ™

    Wishes to you all πŸ™‚

  7. A very tacky sweatshirt with Christmas teddy bears in puffy paint.

    Thank you for the chance at your giveaway and have a great holiday.

  8. My birthday is in december, so my sweet husband seems to think that it is okay to sort of skip over it every year. When we were dating, he gave me a disney movie for my birthday every year, despite my complaints about how that was such a crappy gift. Now, he seems to think because its a ‘tradition’ its an acceptable present. Bryce. if you are reading this. It is not. I do not want another freaking disney movie this year.

  9. I don’t have a worst Christmas present, but I do have a worst birthday present. It happened this year and neither my mom or dad called me on my birthday, sent a card, nothing. My parents are still alive, but at 35 years old, I am an orphan. Sad I know.
    Please enter me in the drawing for the giveaway…thanks.

  10. Oh, there may be a few horrible presents that I wiped out of my mind, which goes to show that I didn’t hold anything against those who gave them to me! The latest I remember wasn’t that horrible, but just plain weird to me: my mother-in-law, knowing that I love all things related to Iran and notably Iranian food, gave me a recipe book devoted to Israeli cuisine! Seeing my puzzled look (while I wondered if she really paid attention to anything I had ever said), she said that it contained a recipe similar to that Iranian chicken with pomegranate sauce recipe I had told her about – which totally confirmed she hadn’t been paying much attention, as I’m a vegetarian!!! So that wasn’t a horrible gift, but it was ackward to say the least!

  11. My worst was a pile of bras from a thrift store. I was barely old enough to wear them, and was just mortified that my mother would give me such a thing (used and ugly at that) in front of my entire family!

  12. My brother (a vegetarian) once gave me (not a vegetarian) two cans of meat substitute. He said they didn’t like that kind so he thought I might like to try it. What?

  13. Well, I have to warn you, my family has a VERY strange sense of humor.

    We had this cat that I hated, and one day it got hit by a car. My sister loved it, and put it in our outside freezer until she could bury it. So of course, she forgot about it.

    My brother happened to find it, and so he wrapped it up Christmas Eve and put it under the tree with my name on it.

    ..I think I’ll be scarred for life on that one.

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