Cake marathon

This Saturday, two lovely friends wil be getting married. They have asked people to bring lots of cakes to accompany the bonfire and fireworks after the service.

Therefore, tonight, tomorrow night and saturday morning will be consumed in a frenzy of cake-baking. I’m planning toffe apple cupcakes, chocolate truffle muffins and gingerbread men and ladies adorned with the name of the bride and groom.

So, if you can, come over and give a hand. If you have a special request (or especially a secret recipe), leave a comment. And don’t forget that you are still in with a chance of winning something here.

2 thoughts on “Cake marathon

  1. From past experience, if the bride and groom asks even ten people to bring cake, and those ten people make cake for nearly everybody, then there will be a lot of cake 😀 (of course, that means you’re eating cake leftovers which may or may not be a bad thing…)

    I think the gingerpeople sounds fun. What about making mini wedding cakes with some sort of stacked cupcake formation? (though this may be ridiculously complicated, it depends on what sort of challenge you’re up for 😉 )

  2. I can come! Maybe tonight, depending on stess-levels following housegroup and lectures but definatly Saturday if you are still doing them then.
    I’m so excited x

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