Ok, so the cake marathon was more of a gentle jog. I only managed to make one batch of toffee apple cupcakes (mmmm) and didn’e even have time to ice them. This was largely because the internet seems to have slotted itself nicely into the gaping hole left by the television, and because the give-away is still in full swing.

Anyways, here is a photographic representation of the cake action thus far:

Pretty apron (beautifully modelled by Mr WF)

A colourful array of baking bowls

Just look as those shiny new scales

How could I ever tire of whisking with this lovely blue whisk?

Red spatula

Ready for mixing

Anyone want to lick the spoon?


2 thoughts on “Jogging

  1. there is a lack of photos of me grating apple/generally attempting to be helpful.
    if I come again tomorrow, i can re-inact it for you if you want and you can insert a picture within these.

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