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When visiting the doctor (or nurse/health care professional/beauty therapist etc) and are required to remove one’s trousers (or skirt/shorts/lower garments etc) should one leave one’s socks on or take them off? Does it depend on whether they are plain and sensible or multi-coloured and pretty? Should one risk looking silly wearing just socks on one’s bottom half? Or should one risk revealing sock fluff stuff between the toes?

And when did going to the doctor (or nurse/healthcare professional/beaity therapist etc) turn into such a minefield?


I discovered this week that I have grown muscles in my bicep region. I am very excited by this fact as I have never had muscles before. And I have lost half a stone since Christmas (although I can’t find where its gone from). So feeling a little happier about the healthy new year thing.

I am, however, even more tired than yesterday and am therefore hiding in my office playing this rather than patrolling the corridors for truants, naughties and girls sobbing in the toilets. Todays current top score is 603 1,142 [updated 23/1/09 12.08pm] 1,752 [updated 23/1/09 12.40pm]. I know that I can do better than this. Can you beat it….

[Note – its Friday so technically anything you do whilst sat at your desk counts as work. If your boss objects, send him my way and I’ll set him (or her) straight. If you’re self-employed (or a very mature student) then send yourself my way and we can have a kitty cannon competition].


There is nothing that I would like to do more today than curl up on my sofa with a cup of tea, some gingernut biscuits, some trashy daytime TV with a good book (The Suspicions of Mr Whicher) and some knitting on hand.

I considered phoning in lazy, or dead. But my line manager is notoriously unsympathetic. And to make it worse, I had to be in for an 8.15am meeting, am working here from 6-8pm and then going straight to housegroup (which I really don’t want to miss as we’re doing this).

Bring on the weekend is what I say. And make is longer is also what I say. Just an extra day or two would be fine.


Last week, at housegroup, I got a present. It was a set of amazing lunchboxes, that I had seen when out shopping but had restrained myself from buying. So Jen bought them for me! There were a collection of limericks and poems inside written on napkins by Jen and the two girls she nannies for. I was going to put  my favourite here but it appears that Mr WF may have thrown them away. Anyway it involved the Lord (God not Andrew Lloyd-Webber) saying ‘Boom Boom Kazam’ which made be giggle. Here are the lunch boxes:

And then at church, one of the ladies who came to afternoon tea came up to me and gave me a some miniature silicon cupcake cases. She said that she saw them and thought of me. How lovely is that? It’s a lady that I don’t really know at all (apart form the time she came for tea!). It just goes to show what an impact you can have on people when you invite them into your home.

Photos, at last

Here is the first installment of photos: Christmas pressies…

 A laptop bag that I made for my mum. It has no handles as she puts it inside another bag (I got sick of her using a pillowcase to protect so made her a more stylish alternative!).


The most amazing knitting bag that one could ever own (I made this for my lil sis after introducing her to knitting last Christmas)

It caused great pain to part with this beauty, but it did make someone very very happy!

This just in…

Jen Says:


You need to cross out everything and then put

1) Rescue friend who crashes car in middle of nowhere

(but is a nice person and appreciates lovely friend coming to rescue her.) x

So. Many things did not get done last night. But Jen is ok. And she is rescued. And maybe tonight I will make the order for M. But only after I have visited a friend who had an operation yesterday. And done at least 30 mins of exercise. And all the other things that I have forgotten but will, no doubt, remember as soon as I sit down on the sofa to relax.

Things that I need (or ought) to do tonight

1) Write menu for the weeks meals

2) Do grocery shopping

3) Cook dinner

4) Make healthy snacks to go in lunch

5) Do some laundry

6) Tend to the poor sick Mr WF

7) Cut out and sew an overdue order for a breast feeding cover and matching changing mat

8. Finally get around to posting some pictures here of the new bathroom, the newly painted green wall, the amazing handmade Christmas presents, the most delicious cakes from the weekend (and anything else I may have forgotten)

Another nice quiet evening! I have just renamed this post (in my head only) to ‘Things that I ought to do tonight but that really really really need to be finished by the end of the week’.

M – haven’t seen you here for a while. Sorry for the delay in your order. It WILL be finished this week and I’ll post it on Sat. xx