A new approach

As a result of the traumas experienced on Monday night, I resolved to do thing differently last night. The moment I got home (which nearly didn’t happen as the car got stuck on ice and wouldn’t go anywhere – why don’t they grit outside of London?), I turned on the oven. I then cooked soup (butter bean, sun-dried tomato and pesto), turned soup off and did some exercise (30 mins of step, 10 mins of jogging), reheated soup, heated some bread and ate tea. No coldness was experienced (at least, not to the extent of Monday night). I then went out to meet a friend for a drink. I think that this will be the plan of action from now on (not the drinking, but the turning on of the oven as soon as I get home).

On a different note, the post-Christmas healthy-eating, exercising and losing weight thing is not really going very well. At least, the losing weight part of it isn’t. I have been watching what I eat, carefully planning a menu, not snacking, eating lots of fruit and veg, exercising every day, and I’m putting on weight. I don’t mind putting on weight if it was worth it (ie overindulgence, all-you-can-eat Chines buffet, Christmas lunch). But its SO unfair to put weight on when I’m trying so hard 🙁

However, I am wearing the red shoes again today which makes life infinitely more bearable.

4 thoughts on “A new approach

  1. My advice…
    eat what you want. You have to get really really really really fat before your feet get too fat to fit in the beautiful shoes. So then you will be happy because you are eating nice things AND you have shoes that are beautiful x

  2. Go the red shoes.

    I too am trying to lose weight, but haven’t weighed myself [probably because I slipped two days ago and had loads and loads of ice-cream! :)] I’ll check tonight and we can commiserate. 🙂

  3. Don’t worry about it. It really hasn’t been that long. I remember hearing a gym instructor say that the most hated piece of equipment at the gym was the scales. Apparently it’s much better to record measurements so start doing it that way. As Jen says, muscle weighs more. As long as you are feeling good, who cares?

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