Things that I need (or ought) to do tonight

1) Write menu for the weeks meals

2) Do grocery shopping

3) Cook dinner

4) Make healthy snacks to go in lunch

5) Do some laundry

6) Tend to the poor sick Mr WF

7) Cut out and sew an overdue order for a breast feeding cover and matching changing mat

8. Finally get around to posting some pictures here of the new bathroom, the newly painted green wall, the amazing handmade Christmas presents, the most delicious cakes from the weekend (and anything else I may have forgotten)

Another nice quiet evening! I have just renamed this post (in my head only) to ‘Things that I ought to do tonight but that really really really need to be finished by the end of the week’.

M – haven’t seen you here for a while. Sorry for the delay in your order. It WILL be finished this week and I’ll post it on Sat. xx

One thought on “Things that I need (or ought) to do tonight

  1. Aw.

    You need to cross out everything and then put

    1) Rescue friend who crashes car in middle of nowhere

    (but is a nice person and appreciates lovely friend coming to rescue her.) x

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