Last week, at housegroup, I got a present. It was a set of amazing lunchboxes, that I had seen when out shopping but had restrained myself from buying. So Jen bought them for me! There were a collection of limericks and poems inside written on napkins by Jen and the two girls she nannies for. I was going to put  my favourite here but it appears that Mr WF may have thrown them away. Anyway it involved the Lord (God not Andrew Lloyd-Webber) saying ‘Boom Boom Kazam’ which made be giggle. Here are the lunch boxes:

And then at church, one of the ladies who came to afternoon tea came up to me and gave me a some miniature silicon cupcake cases. She said that she saw them and thought of me. How lovely is that? It’s a lady that I don’t really know at all (apart form the time she came for tea!). It just goes to show what an impact you can have on people when you invite them into your home.

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