I discovered this week that I have grown muscles in my bicep region. I am very excited by this fact as I have never had muscles before. And I have lost half a stone since Christmas (although I can’t find where its gone from). So feeling a little happier about the healthy new year thing.

I am, however, even more tired than yesterday and am therefore hiding in my office playing this rather than patrolling the corridors for truants, naughties and girls sobbing in the toilets. Todays current top score is 603 1,142 [updated 23/1/09 12.08pm] 1,752 [updated 23/1/09 12.40pm]. I know that I can do better than this. Can you beat it….

[Note – its Friday so technically anything you do whilst sat at your desk counts as work. If your boss objects, send him my way and I’ll set him (or her) straight. If you’re self-employed (or a very mature student) then send yourself my way and we can have a kitty cannon competition].

3 thoughts on “Muscles

  1. 1477, so you are still the wibsite champ. Poor kitties. I will show it to mine and tell them that is what will happen if they are bad. Esme is currently evading the clutches of Mr F who is attempting to shut them in the kitchen.

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