When visiting the doctor (or nurse/health care professional/beauty therapist etc) and are required to remove one’s trousers (or skirt/shorts/lower garments etc) should one leave one’s socks on or take them off? Does it depend on whether they are plain and sensible or multi-coloured and pretty? Should one risk looking silly wearing just socks on one’s bottom half? Or should one risk revealing sock fluff stuff between the toes?

And when did going to the doctor (or nurse/healthcare professional/beaity therapist etc) turn into such a minefield?

4 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. I’ve just been to the osteopath this afternoon and had exactly the same dilemma. However as it felt like zero degrees outside and wasn’t that warm in the treatment room, I kept my socks on. Warmth over elegance any time.

  2. Keep them on. The doctor (or whoever) isn’t interested in how you look.
    HOWEVER. Make sure they are clean on – a late afternoon appointment where one removes shoes to reveal smelly trainer socks would be far more embarrassing than sock fluff!!!

  3. Not sure I can answer, but I can sympathise, I wonder about that too. The only difference being that i don’t worry about sock fluff, but do worry about the imprint of the elastic just above the ankle.

    I asked HD if it was just a girl worry or if guys worry about this too. He said that he would take his socks off if he took his trousers off if he was going to wander round the house in his pants, as underpants and socks aren’t a good look (I should add he doesn’t do this as a rule, in case you’re wondering about the slobbiness levels in our house). In the doctor’s surgery scenario he said he’d probably take his socks off too but just because he always would when he took off his trousers, rather than because he was worried about what he looked like – he’d just do it without thinking.

    This, everyone, is the difference between boys and girls.

  4. I reckon socks on…but then I have dodgy circulation! Maybe interesting socks could prove to be a good talking point in a slightly awkward situation?

    However, if it was with a beauty professional who might be waxing all my legs (for example) then obviously, socks off.

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