Monthly Archives: January 2009

A new approach

As a result of the traumas experienced on Monday night, I resolved to do thing differently last night. The moment I got home (which nearly didn’t happen as the car got stuck on ice and wouldn’t go anywhere – why don’t they grit outside of London?), I turned on the oven. I then cooked soup (butter bean, sun-dried tomato and pesto), turned soup off and did some exercise (30 mins of step, 10 mins of jogging), reheated soup, heated some bread and ate tea. No coldness was experienced (at least, not to the extent of Monday night). I then went out to meet a friend for a drink. I think that this will be the plan of action from now on (not the drinking, but the turning on of the oven as soon as I get home).

On a different note, the post-Christmas healthy-eating, exercising and losing weight thing is not really going very well. At least, the losing weight part of it isn’t. I have been watching what I eat, carefully planning a menu, not snacking, eating lots of fruit and veg, exercising every day, and I’m putting on weight. I don’t mind putting on weight if it was worth it (ie overindulgence, all-you-can-eat Chines buffet, Christmas lunch). But its SO unfair to put weight on when I’m trying so hard 🙁

However, I am wearing the red shoes again today which makes life infinitely more bearable.

Raa raa raa rant rant rant

So cold… snow.. first day back at work so cant play in snow… fall over in snow… cold… wet… horrible skidding in car on way to work… rant rant… school closed to pupils – yay… heating broken… staff have to stay in… raa raa raa… so so cold… Mr WF away… -8C forcast tonight… cold… very cold… hungry… no heating in kitchen… rant rant… cold… hungry… cold… hungry (not sure how to break this deadlock – someone help me please)…

New Look

Good look or bad? I can’t decide.

Also, I have new red shoes – amazing! They were purchased with vouchers that I found in a box so barely cost me anything. Even better!

And, for Pants and Liz and anyone else who may be interested, here is a photo (I have just happily spent the last half an hour photographing my new shoes and now I like them even more!):



Happy New Year!

You will be glad to hear that I am no longer sick. Yay! But I am a little bit rounder that I used to be. So have been shopping and bought nothing but fruit and veg. I am about to have my third salad this week. Oh the joys of post-Christmas flubberyness.

I may at some point reflect on the year that has passed and on what I hope to achieve in the next year. Or I may not. But a short summary – the past year has been fantastic. Moving to Brum (or maybe just moving out of London) has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  Who knows what the year ahead will hold but I do hope that work is less stressful (or that I find a more effective way to deal with it).

And now, how to sign off without spouting trite new years greetings? Errrmm… I hope you have a good one!