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i should be sleeping

I woke up this morning at 6.30am. My body seems to think its a work day. Grr. I chose to get up as I was wide awake and chill out in the lounge. Eventually, I felt very sleepy and trundled back up to bed. As I was lying there, drifting off into blissful sleep, our next door neighbours starting having a blazing row in the room which is adjacent to ours. I gave up and now am here instead. Grr.

wibblyfish needs…

I wasn’t going to do this but then I did and it was funny so thought I’d share it. Type your name into google (i typed my real name but am not going to reveal it here tho) followed by needs. For example ‘bob needs’ if you were called bob and share the first 10 hits. Here we go…

Wibblyfish needs

… help with dressing and washing and still wets the bed occassionally

… your help

… a) cheering up and b) perspective

… a break

… help

… 2 b funky

… dough [Ed. not sure if it means money dough or cookie dough but I’ll take either]

… to wrap up

… you

… the money for her operation

I think I come across as rather unbalanced from this list. But it sure did make me giggle.

Cake Thief

I appear to be married to a cake thief.

On Sunday, I didn’t go to church or to the bring and share lunch afterwards. My good friend Jen decided that Mr WF ought to return with some cake for me. They then had a very long conversation about which sort of cake I would prefer and Jen wrapped it in tin foil to stop Mr WF from eating it on the way home (apparently he threatened that this may happen).

So, there was a lovely piece of cake sat in some tin foil in the kitchen. I meant to take it to work with me on Monday (and Tuesday) but forgot. Tuesday evening I fancied some cake, went into the kitchen and started hunting for it. It wasn’t where is had been. Nor was it in either of the 2 cake-containing tins in the kitchen. I asked Mr MF if he had seen it. He looked rather guilty and sheepish and said that it had been sat there for a whole day (which I had been at work for all of) and he had thought I didn’t want it and had eaten it. I still do not even know what that lovely piece of cake looked liked. I have been told that it was a victoria sponge of some sort, but now I will never know.

Mr WF really felt very very guilty and was very sorry for stealing the cake of his lovely wife and he immediately offered to bake me a cake this weekend. I immediately accepted this offer as 1) I know that Mr WF has never baked a cake before and 2) I think that it is a very important skill to learn (and one that is very close to my heart). I am not expecting a disaster as I know that he is very good at following recipes.

On Saturday, Jen and I will be heading off for some Hobbycraft action, leaving Mr WF baking. Who knows what we will find on our return!  Would it be over ambitious to expect this Valentines cake? Or am I more likely to get something like this? Hopefully I will be able to provide photgraphic evidence later on next week.

Pizza and Chips

Yesterday got significantly more bearable after I had pizza, chips and spaghetti hoops for lunch (gotta love school dinners when they get it right).

However, there is still no macbook (getting a wee bit anxious) and I am still overwhelmingly bored at work. And there is also the knowledge that there is no chance of pizza and chips being on the menu for the rest of the week. If it was available everyday for lunch this week I would very a very happy lady. And also fat. But happy is good enough.

On a brighter and less chip-related post, I have a lovely lovely friend who has taken to sending me cards to work to cheer me up. One arrived today cos she knew I wasn’t enjoying work. It contained a card and some stickers that match the exciting lunch boxes that she bought me recently. Isn’t it great to have good friends (especially ones who send you stuff in the post).


I lay in bed this morning desperately trying to think of something to look forward to today. Something that would make me want to get out of bed. Something exciting. It wasn’t a balancing act like I explained here. It was just scratching around trying to find some motivation to get up and enjoy the day.

Work is quite difficult for a variety of reasons at the moment and I’m finding it quite stressful. I am counting down the days til half term (4.5 minus 1 hour) and am not expecting them to pass quickly. I am praying for another snow day but am not sure that its altogether likely.

But anyway, there are one or two things that may make me smile…. perhaps the delivery of my new(ish) Macbook today or tomorrow (a bargain purchase from ebay – just hoping it works!) will cheer me up. Ok, the delivery of the Macbook will definitely have me very excited and distracted so there will be some smiling. Or perhaps going to a friends to watch Americas Next Top Model will cheer me up (and satisfy the urge for trashy girly TV).

But I cant think of anything that will make my day at work more pleasant or pass a little more quickly. It is Monday morning afterall.

Bored bored bored bored

Bored bored bored bored.

Back at school today after the snow (which is still falling). Hardly any kids are in. I have virtually no work to do. I am bored (did you guess that already?). I hate being at work and having nothing to do as there are so many things that I could be doing at home. These things include sleeping, watching trashy daytime TV, knitting, reading, playing in the snow, making sweet potato wedges (mmmm) for tea, perusing ebay for a secondhand macbook.

If you were hoping to read something inspiring and thought prokoving I suggest that you pay a visit to Liz and read about the Dignity! Period campaign.

In all the snow excitment I have failed enitrely to tell you about the exciting trip to the seaside on Sunday and about the the fun I’ve had in the snow. But you’ve probably heard enough about snow-related shenanigans this week so maybe I wont.