Bored bored bored bored

Bored bored bored bored.

Back at school today after the snow (which is still falling). Hardly any kids are in. I have virtually no work to do. I am bored (did you guess that already?). I hate being at work and having nothing to do as there are so many things that I could be doing at home. These things include sleeping, watching trashy daytime TV, knitting, reading, playing in the snow, making sweet potato wedges (mmmm) for tea, perusing ebay for a secondhand macbook.

If you were hoping to read something inspiring and thought prokoving I suggest that you pay a visit to Liz and read about the Dignity! Period campaign.

In all the snow excitment I have failed enitrely to tell you about the exciting trip to the seaside on Sunday and about the the fun I’ve had in the snow. But you’ve probably heard enough about snow-related shenanigans this week so maybe I wont.