I lay in bed this morning desperately trying to think of something to look forward to today. Something that would make me want to get out of bed. Something exciting. It wasn’t a balancing act like I explained here. It was just scratching around trying to find some motivation to get up and enjoy the day.

Work is quite difficult for a variety of reasons at the moment and I’m finding it quite stressful. I am counting down the days til half term (4.5 minus 1 hour) and am not expecting them to pass quickly. I am praying for another snow day but am not sure that its altogether likely.

But anyway, there are one or two things that may make me smile…. perhaps the delivery of my new(ish) Macbook today or tomorrow (a bargain purchase from ebay – just hoping it works!) will cheer me up. Ok, the delivery of the Macbook will definitely have me very excited and distracted so there will be some smiling. Or perhaps going to a friends to watch Americas Next Top Model will cheer me up (and satisfy the urge for trashy girly TV).

But I cant think of anything that will make my day at work more pleasant or pass a little more quickly. It is Monday morning afterall.

One thought on “Motivation

  1. Hello 🙂

    The Macbook is very exciting. I am free this evening after GB if you want to do something exciting or just want company? Is Mr WF playing football? I recommend Americas N T Model, as is sutibly trashy too. Sending love (like the carrot) xxx

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