Pizza and Chips

Yesterday got significantly more bearable after I had pizza, chips and spaghetti hoops for lunch (gotta love school dinners when they get it right).

However, there is still no macbook (getting a wee bit anxious) and I am still overwhelmingly bored at work. And there is also the knowledge that there is no chance of pizza and chips being on the menu for the rest of the week. If it was available everyday for lunch this week I would very a very happy lady. And also fat. But happy is good enough.

On a brighter and less chip-related post, I have a lovely lovely friend who has taken to sending me cards to work to cheer me up. One arrived today cos she knew I wasn’t enjoying work. It contained a card and some stickers that match the exciting lunch boxes that she bought me recently. Isn’t it great to have good friends (especially ones who send you stuff in the post).