wibblyfish needs…

I wasn’t going to do this but then I did and it was funny so thought I’d share it. Type your name into google (i typed my real name but am not going to reveal it here tho) followed by needs. For example ‘bob needs’ if you were called bob and share the first 10 hits. Here we go…

Wibblyfish needs

… help with dressing and washing and still wets the bed occassionally

… your help

… a) cheering up and b) perspective

… a break

… help

… 2 b funky

… dough [Ed. not sure if it means money dough or cookie dough but I’ll take either]

… to wrap up

… you

… the money for her operation

I think I come across as rather unbalanced from this list. But it sure did make me giggle.

One thought on “wibblyfish needs…

  1. Ooh, that’s spooky – it turns out there is a real-life person called “[MyName] Needs”, who is a nurse and PhD student. Whose thesis is something to do with “HD”.

    I might have to ask him about that!!!!

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