Monthly Archives: March 2009

…. and relax

Mr WF took me away for the weekend to a lovely B&B in Coalbrookdale.

I am shortly heading home to a back, neck and head massage.

The cleaner starts tomorrow (yes, you heard me right, we are getting a cleaner in and I can’t wait!).

Term ends on Friday and I head to to see some good friends in the Lake District.

And all is well with the world.

Kevin the Spider

Let me tell you about Kevin. He first appeared on the ceiling of our bedroom. He was far enough away from the bed for me not to be too worried. Also, he seemed to like sitting in the same spot so I was happy to let him sit there. Now, I’m not a big fan of spiders, and this one was rather large (big enough for me to feel sqeamish about anyway). But after evaluating the situation and after naming him (who could be afraid of a spider called Kevin?) I felt relatively safe.

The problem came on Friday night. Kevin was gone from his usual spot. I can cope with there being a spider in my room (especially one called Kevin) so long as I know where it is. I went to bed rather anxiously, wondering where he was. Could he have got into my bed? Would I inhale him during the night? Would he be sat in my slippers when I put them on in the morning? Or in my glass of water?

We didn’t see Kevin again until Sunday morning. Mr WF had just got out of the (brand spanking new and rather exciting) shower and I was in the bathroom waiting to get in. Mr WF noticed a shadow on the inside of the shower curtain. I think we may have found Kevin he said. As I have said before, I am not a big fan of spiders but I can tolerate them. But I certainly didn’t want to share a shower with one. Especially as I really can’t see much without my glasses on and Kevin would have just appeared as a big black blob. So I asked Mr WF to remove Kevin.

This is where it gets entertaining. Mr WF at this point was still naked after his shower. He didn’t think to clothe himself more appropriately. He captured Kevin on a magazine (Runners World if you’re interested) and carried the magazine, with Kevin running all over it to the window.

Have you ever seen a naked man try to put a lively spider out of the window (at the front of the house overlooking the road and the neighbours) without exposing himself to all and sundry? I can tell you that it is a very funny sight to behold. As you can imagine, I was very helpful at this point (rolling around on the floor laughing, I recall).

So, that is the story of Kevin the Spider, who lived on my bedroom ceiling for a ocuple of days and was then thrown out of the window (by a naked man).

Shower shower shower shower

Since we had out bathroom replaced, we have been without shower. Its a slightly long and rather boring story which I can’t be bothered to write so just be aware that there is no shower – thats the important bit.

I like baths. Baths are for relaxing in. Showers I like also. They are practical. They are for waking you up in the morning and washing your hair.

Recently, I have had extreme trouble¬†waking up in the morning. So much so, that when I get into the bath, I often fall back asleep. I also find that washing my (very thick) hair takes for ever. And then factoring in drying/straightening and I’ve virtually got to get up at dawn to fit it all it. So I have started washing my hair in the evening. It is a pain. And it means that I have bed head for most of the day. Even if I dry my hair before I go to sleep (which I do as it would make my pillow rather damp).

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to celebrate the fact that I have done this for the last time. My hair is washed and clean. And the new shower is being installed tomorrow. I am very excited about it. I am almost more excited about the shower than about something else very exciting that is happening on Friday but that I can’t tell you about yet.

I am expecting roughly 20-30mins extra in bed every day. If we take the lower estimate and multiply that by the 5 mornings that I have to get up for work, we get an hour. Thats right, ladies and gentlemen, a whole extra hour in bed over the course of a week all due to the wonderful and glorious invention that is the shower.

I was going to end there but I feel that I ought to mention that my love of a very long, hot soak in a bath, with a good book and a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) will be returning shortly. Hooray for all the clever bathroom things.


We had lovely visitors at the weekend. Fishsoup, Mr Fishsoup and the Crouton came to stay. We miss them greatly since we moved away from the big smoke so it was good to spend some time with them.

I was a little worried that the Crouton would be bored. We don’t have any toys or games suitable for an adventurous 18 month old girl. But my fears were unfounded. A roll-mat, a pair of swimming goggles and the cat provided all the entertainment that she needed. If only I could find my camera charger I would have take a photo of Crouton, carrying round the roll mat with the goggles and a bag hanging round her neck whilst running after the cat.

If only I was so easy to entertain…