We had lovely visitors at the weekend. Fishsoup, Mr Fishsoup and the Crouton came to stay. We miss them greatly since we moved away from the big smoke so it was good to spend some time with them.

I was a little worried that the Crouton would be bored. We don’t have any toys or games suitable for an adventurous 18 month old girl. But my fears were unfounded. A roll-mat, a pair of swimming goggles and the cat provided all the entertainment that she needed. If only I could find my camera charger I would have take a photo of Crouton, carrying round the roll mat with the goggles and a bag hanging round her neck whilst running after the cat.

If only I was so easy to entertain…

2 thoughts on “Entertainment

  1. Wish we’d remembered our camera too – she did look a picture! Was lovely to see you all – so excited for all that’s to come too! Much love, F, Mrs F and c x

  2. Sorry – getting our titles mixed up there a bit – I am of course Mr Fishsoup and not Fishsoup herself – oops

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