A Garden Transformation

I went away at the weekend to the Lake District to visit some good friends. While I was away our local Boys Brigade group transformed our garden! We had arranged to pay the Senior group (aged 16/17/18) to come and clear the rubble, random overgrown hedge and concrete slabs from our garden and generally tidy it up a bit. 

Wow! I got home on Monday and was totally gobsmacked by how amazing it looked. They filled a skip with rubble and took a minibus load of stuff to the tip. They also filled 20 bags with green waste and we have a large pile of wood/timber they found in the hedge which is being saved for the next bonfire. They also dug over all the flowerbeds, weeded them and mowed the lawn. We now have a blank canvas to work with and my mum (a keen gardener) is coming over today to design the new garden and get me started on some planting.

For the first time since moving in, I LOVE my garden and I am really really excited about it! I would take photos if I hadn’t lost my camera charger several months ago and therefore can’t use my camera. Oh well. Just use your imagination!

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