Hello [Updated]

I keep composing posts in my head while trying to fall asleep but then forgetting them by the time I wake. They are works of literary genius but unfortunately you’ll have to make do with my potentially incoherent daytime ramblings. Sorry.

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, I am pregnant. Despite having had 2 scans and a now rather round tummy it hasn’t really started to sink in yet. I don’t quite believe that any of it is real. Its been a challenging few months of exhaustion and sickness. But also dealing with people’s reactions. Mr WFs parents have been a bit weird about the whole thing. I think they are excited – I just don’t understand the way they express it. I also know that me being pregnant has been really difficult for a couple of close friends. I know that they are happy for me but I hate it that makes them sad in some way too.

I also seem to have lost most of my creativity which pains me greatly. You may have noticed my lack of blogging. There also has been very little crafting. I have lots of plans but nothing ever seems to get done. Mainly because I spend all my time either working, sleeping or eating.

People keep telling me that it will get better but I’m still waiting…

Update: What I didn’t mention but feel that I ought to clarify is that both Mr WF and I are delighted to be expecting a baby and are very excited about the challenges to come and that we are totally amazed by the miracle of life developing inside me. Just in case I hadn’t made that clear above!

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  1. I’m glad you finally blogged this, it has been frustrating (in a good way!) knowing but not being able to give the game away!

    I think any major life change will affect different people in your circle differently. I got closer to my first friend who became pregnant, and indeed was her birth partner and her son is now my godson. But when I first saw him, I freaked out because I thought about how my relationship with his parents might change (it hasn’t, thankfully). When I got engaged I know at least one friend who really struggled with that too, and I still struggle with the whole “being happy about being married and not apologising for it but not wanting to be smug either and hurt people” and don’t know if I’m getting the balance right.

  2. Echoing Jack the Lass a little bit, but…

    I think any major life change (birth/marriage especially) can affect friendships. When my best friend got pregnant it was all rather traumatic (it was totally unplanned), but as it got closer to the birth I was scared that once she was a mum I’d lose her, because she’d be doing stuff I had no experience/knowledge of. I didn’t lose her, and gained a gorgeous godson too.

    I also seem to remember that the amazing Jill went through a very similar crafting-low when she was first pregnant, but perked up again as the nesting instincts kicked in.

    You and Mr WF are going to be fabulous parents!!

  3. Oooo congratulations. My younger sister is expecting a baby at the moment and I am struggling with it more than I ever thought was possible. I want to be pleased for her but I just can’t over the feelings of loss I have. It’s a tough place to be!

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