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Can’t sleep

It 5.30am. I am on holiday. But I can’t sleep. The plasterer comes at 8am to start patching the holes in every room left by the rewiring we had done last year. I am therefore stripping wallpaper with my iron. It should have been done last week but we couldn’t get hold of a wallpaper stripper. So the iron will have to do. There is only one small wall of wallpaper so hopefully it wont take long. The only problem is that it is in the dining room (read sewing/crafting/subutteo pitch/dumping ground) and we have people coming round for dinner tonight. Oh well.

Don’t forget the giveaway at Sew Mama Sew and my own below.

Giveaway day

Today is Giveaway day. After a busy weekend in Cambridge with Liz at my parents, I have succeeded in creating something worthy of giving away.

Mr WF and I discovered last week that we are expecting our babyfish to be a boy child. After several moments lamenting all the cute girly outfits that I will not (at this moment in time) be making, I decided to create something cute and boysy to reassure myself. The end results are actually very unisex and I am very pleased with them. And it is one of these that I am giving away:


Red monkey

Blue monkey


Unfortunately I love them too much to give them all away (and I cant wait to see my little bean wearing them come September!), so leave a comment and let me know if you want the red, the green or the blue monkey.

The winner will be selected by random number generator this Sunday (31st May).


Yesterday, in the morning, when at work I remembered something that I needed to do when I got home. I wrote a T on my hand to remind myself of this.

I went home (after a very traumatic trip to the airport to collect Mr WF) and spent a long long long time puzzling over what on earth I could possibly have meant by T. Mt WF and I listed all the things that we could think of beginning with T: time, tent, tea (oooh – I do actually need to buy tea bags but thats not it), telescope, tyrannosaurus. But we couldn’t figure it out.

This morning, while cleaning my teeth I started listing things beginning with T again and stumbled across the right answer. Having arrived at work, I wrote T on my hand again to remind myself that I still needed to the job related to T. I then thought that if I write it here I surely wont forget:

‘Don’t forget to put the Train Tickets in your bag for tomorrow when you catch a train straight from work.’

There. No excuses now.

Finding the dining room…

… appears to be more difficult than you might imagine.

We have a cleaner. A wonderful cleaner. Once a fortnight, on a Tuesday, I head off to work leaving a disorderded, messy house behind. I come home and all sparkles and shines. Except the dining room. After a few weeks of the dining room not being dusted or hoovered, I left a note detailing which rooms I would like to be cleaned (2 hours isn’t long enough to clean the entire house apparently. I wouldn’t know as I have never attempted to clean the whole house). This included the dining room. But it wasn’t cleaned. I wonder if she doesn’t know which room I mean. We do have a breakfast bar and chairs in the kitchen so maybe she thinks that is the dining room. And, to clarify, the dining room is also known as the sewing room and has a sewing machine, fabric and craft-related items scattered around.

So, this week I left the dining room door open in the hope that she would notice the horribly dusty floor and take pity on it. I arrived home, happy to see the shoes all back on the shoe rack and the hallway floor mopped and shining. The dining room door was closed. Surely, this time. But no. Nothing.

Maybe next time I should draw a map. Maybe I should put a big sign on the dining room door. Or maybe I will just have to bite the bullet and hoover it myself!

Giveaway Day

The time has come for another Giveaway Day. The last one was in December when Jennie won with her fabulous Christmas present story.

This time I have a dilemma. The dilemma is fourfold. Firstly, I have only just found out about the giveaway which means I have less than a week to make something and post it. Secondly, I have just lent my sewing machine to a friend for a couple of weeks while hers gets fixed. Thirdly, I am busy every evening this week and am away from Friday until Giveaway Day. And fourthly, I have little or no inspiration.

I am, however, determined to go ahead. So, I have set myself a little challenge, which I am hoping that Liz will join me in (I haven’t told her yet so I hope she’s up for it too!). I am spending the weekend in Cambridge with my parents and Liz is coming too (we had planned to spend some time doing some crafting and creating). I therefore have 3 days with nothing yet planned in them to be inspired, buy resources and create something which I will then give away.

The pressure is on. Any suggestions welcome. My brain has now gone into overdrive planning what I could attempt to create over the weekend. Is today going to be a productive work day I wonder?

A nice relaxing day

Mr WF is finally home (only for 2 days before he goes away again). We have a delightful weekend of NOTHING planned. Unfortunately for him, my idea of nothing differs vastly from his.

Mr WF’s NOTHING plan involves sleeping, eating, maybe some Wii, popping out for a coffee etc

My NOTHING plan:
Clear boxes in guest room
Sort though books (get rid of roughly half so they fit on the shelves)
Sort out games and send some to charity shop
Major charity shop trip (dropping things off not buying!)
Make more peppermint creams
Make flapjack
Collect wallpaper stripper from friends
Strip wallpapered wall in dining room
Mow the lawn

I’ll break it to Mr WF gently when he wakes up and hope that he doesn’t mind too much. Surely, by now, he should have realised that NOTHING very rarely actually means nothing for me!


I got home from work and decided to relax in the bath. I fell asleep (never ever fallen asleep in the bath before!).

Only woke up because I was snoring so loudly. I now have a sore throat so I must have been snoring for quite a while.

I’m now a little embarrassed.

The lodger departs

We have had a lodger since September. She is on a gap year programme and is based at our church. Its been a bit of a rollercoaster. She is lovely but keeps herself to herself. She spends most of her time in her room and rarely speaks to us. She helps out with the housework even less than she talks. It has felt like we have a stranger living with us and I have really strugged with it (I don’t think pregnancy hormones have helped here).

Things have improved over the last few weeks as she has been a little more sociable and happy to help out.

Last night she told me that due to stress-related anxiety, she is leaving the church, the gap year programme and us at the end of next week.

I’m not quite sure how to react. I’m sad that she’s going (never thought I’d say that) and sad that she couldn’t talk to us about how she was struggling. She feels that she has been supported but if we didn’t know how could we help? I’m also happy to have the house to ourselves again. And I’m happy that I can begin the furniture shifting/decorating/rearranging that needs to take place (for me its a need; for Mr WF its something to endure and humour) before babyfish arrives.

Its altogether rather unexpected.

Customer Service

I had a bedside lamp. It broke. It was one of those touch-sensitive ones. It was one of a pair. It was also a wedding present. I’m talking in the past tense because I no longer have the lamp. And this is why…

Several months ago the bulb went in the lamp on my bedside table. After a few weeks I finally got around to replacing the bulb. Unfortunately the lamp was no longer touch-sensitive. It was BRIGHT and only tuned off if it was unplugged. Not ideal. In fact it is getting increasingly more difficult to hang out of the bed, get my arm behind the bedside cabinet and switch it off at the wall!

So today I took a chance and took it back to John Lewis where is came from 4 years ago. I explained the situation and they went out of their way to sort it out for me. Even though the lamp is 3 years out of warranty. Even though the lamp has been discontinued. Even though I had no receipt or proof of payment.

The end result is that they tracked down the last remaining lamp of its kind in the country (by phoning every store that might have some stock left) and it is being send by courier tomorrow, free of charge, in exchange for the broken one. They also made sure that I took home the bulb that had been in the broken lamp.

How impressed am I? Very. Now thats what you call customer service.

[I also experienced excellent customer service at another store, Bravissimo, but am still a little too traumatised by the end result to say much more about it!]

Peppermint Creams

I made peppermint creams with a lovely friend this evening. Peppermint creams remind me of my childhood and special occasions. If you haven’t had some recently you should give it a go. Or pop round here and I will feed you some.

I also went for a swim after work which means that I can eat many peppermint creams and chocolate cornflake cakes (did I mention that I made 2 batches of them on Monday?) without feeling at all guilty!