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I had a bedside lamp. It broke. It was one of those touch-sensitive ones. It was one of a pair. It was also a wedding present. I’m talking in the past tense because I no longer have the lamp. And this is why…

Several months ago the bulb went in the lamp on my bedside table. After a few weeks I finally got around to replacing the bulb. Unfortunately the lamp was no longer touch-sensitive. It was BRIGHT and only tuned off if it was unplugged. Not ideal. In fact it is getting increasingly more difficult to hang out of the bed, get my arm behind the bedside cabinet and switch it off at the wall!

So today I took a chance and took it back to John Lewis where is came from 4 years ago. I explained the situation and they went out of their way to sort it out for me. Even though the lamp is 3 years out of warranty. Even though the lamp has been discontinued. Even though I had no receipt or proof of payment.

The end result is that they tracked down the last remaining lamp of its kind in the country (by phoning every store that might have some stock left) and it is being send by courier tomorrow, free of charge, in exchange for the broken one. They also made sure that I took home the bulb that had been in the broken lamp.

How impressed am I? Very. Now thats what you call customer service.

[I also experienced excellent customer service at another store, Bravissimo, but am still a little too traumatised by the end result to say much more about it!]

7 thoughts on “Customer Service

  1. Maybe when the trauma has receded a little more information about your other experience of excellent customer service would be good?

    Or, it might even help the trauma to be eased by telling us all about it!

  2. One of our touchy-touchy lamps had the exact same problem. But ours is from Tesco, and a couple of years old so we weren’t planning on doing the taking it back thing. I’m going to go to John Lewis and buy some new ones!

  3. Ohhh, did you have the kind of traumatic bravissimo experience I had last year where I went up from a D to a FF? They are amazing though. (The bras & their customer service – not my cleavage!) x

  4. I was going to ask what kind of store Bravissimo was, but LizC has answered! 🙂

    Hurrah for such wondrous service.

  5. You’ve reminded me that I was going to write to Marks and Spencer and tell them about one of their staff at Marble Arch … but I forgot. I will do it; I think we need to say nice things to people when we can.

    Bravissimo are brill!

  6. I hope your letter is passed on. I wrote to the Head Office and the local branch of a supermarket at local mall. He worked in dairy department and it was always spotless and well arranged. No nasty out of date surprises ever lurked at the back of shelves. I saw him some weeks after sending the letter to which I never had any reply. My thanks and congratulations had not been passed on. He was grateful I had tried and was pleased to receive my thanks, but I think the chain handled things poorly.

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