A nice relaxing day

Mr WF is finally home (only for 2 days before he goes away again). We have a delightful weekend of NOTHING planned. Unfortunately for him, my idea of nothing differs vastly from his.

Mr WF’s NOTHING plan involves sleeping, eating, maybe some Wii, popping out for a coffee etc

My NOTHING plan:
Clear boxes in guest room
Sort though books (get rid of roughly half so they fit on the shelves)
Sort out games and send some to charity shop
Major charity shop trip (dropping things off not buying!)
Make more peppermint creams
Make flapjack
Collect wallpaper stripper from friends
Strip wallpapered wall in dining room
Mow the lawn

I’ll break it to Mr WF gently when he wakes up and hope that he doesn’t mind too much. Surely, by now, he should have realised that NOTHING very rarely actually means nothing for me!

One thought on “A nice relaxing day

  1. Don’t fall asleep in the bath after all of that! 🙂

    And my mind boggles as to what a weekend doing ‘something’ entails for you.

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