Giveaway Day

The time has come for another Giveaway Day. The last one was in December when Jennie won with her fabulous Christmas present story.

This time I have a dilemma. The dilemma is fourfold. Firstly, I have only just found out about the giveaway which means I have less than a week to make something and post it. Secondly, I have just lent my sewing machine to a friend for a couple of weeks while hers gets fixed. Thirdly, I am busy every evening this week and am away from Friday until Giveaway Day. And fourthly, I have little or no inspiration.

I am, however, determined to go ahead. So, I have set myself a little challenge, which I am hoping that Liz will join me in (I haven’t told her yet so I hope she’s up for it too!). I am spending the weekend in Cambridge with my parents and Liz is coming too (we had planned to spend some time doing some crafting and creating). I therefore have 3 days with nothing yet planned in them to be inspired, buy resources and create something which I will then give away.

The pressure is on. Any suggestions welcome. My brain has now gone into overdrive planning what I could attempt to create over the weekend. Is today going to be a productive work day I wonder?