Finding the dining room…

… appears to be more difficult than you might imagine.

We have a cleaner. A wonderful cleaner. Once a fortnight, on a Tuesday, I head off to work leaving a disorderded, messy house behind. I come home and all sparkles and shines. Except the dining room. After a few weeks of the dining room not being dusted or hoovered, I left a note detailing which rooms I would like to be cleaned (2 hours isn’t long enough to clean the entire house apparently. I wouldn’t know as I have never attempted to clean the whole house). This included the dining room. But it wasn’t cleaned. I wonder if she doesn’t know which room I mean. We do have a breakfast bar and chairs in the kitchen so maybe she thinks that is the dining room. And, to clarify, the dining room is also known as the sewing room and has a sewing machine, fabric and craft-related items scattered around.

So, this week I left the dining room door open in the hope that she would notice the horribly dusty floor and take pity on it. I arrived home, happy to see the shoes all back on the shoe rack and the hallway floor mopped and shining. The dining room door was closed. Surely, this time. But no. Nothing.

Maybe next time I should draw a map. Maybe I should put a big sign on the dining room door. Or maybe I will just have to bite the bullet and hoover it myself!

2 thoughts on “Finding the dining room…

  1. I have still got that notebook somewhere, I think. I was considering publishing it! …. (Trundles off to see if she can remember where it is…)

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