Yesterday, in the morning, when at work I remembered something that I needed to do when I got home. I wrote a T on my hand to remind myself of this.

I went home (after a very traumatic trip to the airport to collect Mr WF) and spent a long long long time puzzling over what on earth I could possibly have meant by T. Mt WF and I listed all the things that we could think of beginning with T: time, tent, tea (oooh – I do actually need to buy tea bags but thats not it), telescope, tyrannosaurus. But we couldn’t figure it out.

This morning, while cleaning my teeth I started listing things beginning with T again and stumbled across the right answer. Having arrived at work, I wrote T on my hand again to remind myself that I still needed to the job related to T. I then thought that if I write it here I surely wont forget:

‘Don’t forget to put the Train Tickets in your bag for tomorrow when you catch a train straight from work.’

There. No excuses now.