Monthly Archives: May 2009

Night time pee

Since Mr WF has been away, I haven’t needed to get up in the night to pee (as I have had to do at least several times a night since becoming pregnant). It weird though – why would him not being there make me not need to pee? Maybe I’m just sleeping better and the urge to pee isn’t waking me up.

Also, you probably didn’t want to know about my peeing habits so apologies. I will try and arrange for something exciting to happen that I can tell you about soon.

Statistically speaking

My blog statistics are now up and running. I now feel under pressure to post every day in order to boost my self-confidence (or self-importance) by getting Large Numbers of Visitors.

However, I cannot now think of anything to say.

[NB Statistically is a very hard word to spell]

Its very quiet at home

Mr WF is away enjoying the delights of CRE (he is working there all week).

The lodger is away.

The special kitty appears to have lost his voice.

And I am planning a quiet night in involving chocolate cornflake cakes (I made them last night), some trashy TV (preferably on catch up on the laptop whilst lying in bed), and some light reading (popping to the library after work). I also plan to plant out my tomato plants into larger pots and plant the courgette and chilli pepper seeds my mum sent me.


Intelligent teenagers

A conversation with a 16 year old boy while I am sat, alone, in my office:

Him: Do you know where Mr Wilson is?

Me: No

Him: Is he here?

Me: Does it look like he is here?

Him: No. Do you know where he is then?

Me: NO

It put a smile on my face, which is a nice way to end the school day, especially given how it started (see post below).

Rant Part 2

Its 8.15am on Monday morning. I came into work today with a positive attitude. All will be well, despite getting so stressed on Friday that I was having heart palpitations for the entire afternoon (nothing serious to worry about just very annoying).

So, I arrive at my desk to find a rude email waiting for me from my boss and I am fed up already. I sent her a long email on Friday detailing a piece of inclusion work that I have been doing (setting up a programme with the local Youth Centre to work with pupils at risk of premanent exclusion from school). I also mentioned that I would write a report on it for the Inclusion Team meeting tonight (which I won’t be attending as I have an appointment – I had already emailed her to let her know). Her response to all the work I have been doing is one sentence – ‘Why aren’t you coming to the meeting?’

Ok. Rant over. I can do this. I think that it is just her abrupt manner. I have just spoken to her and she was fine about me not coming to the meeting. She just doesn’t appear to have any social skills!


Grr. Work. Rant.

Let me expand. Work is driving me round the bend at the moment. I feel like every move is being watched. My boss is on my case all the time. This week she has complained that she can never find me, complained that I am in the office too often and not seeing enough kids, then given me a whole load of admin work to do. I also have been¬†forced into running an event that I don’t want to do and will be incredibly difficult to manage at 7 months pregnant.

In January she called me into her office to tell me that she didn’t want me to have anything to do with Area A or Area B (which, up until this point had been what most of my¬†time had been consumed with). This week she has asked me to do both and has given me the impression that she is cross that I haven’t been doing them. I can’t win!

Yesterday I went to our other site for a meeting, which turned into two meetings and then lunch. I got the third degree from the deputy about why I was there followed by sarcastic comments everytime she saw me followed by her grilling another colleague about why I had been there at all.

I know that I should sit down and talk to her but a) she is completely unapproachable; b) she is likely to think that I am trying to dodge work; c) I’m a bit scared of her and d) I am tired, hormonal and emotional and don’t want to end up crying on her (she doesn’t cope with tears at all well).

Its kinda winding me up and and completely demotivating me. Which is why I am writing about it rather than getting on with some work (not that I can figure out what work I can do anymore).

At least its Friday (which I celebrated by having a PopTart for breakfast).

Childhood Regression Party

This weekend we have celebrated Mr WFs 30th birthday. Some of his friends surprised him by turning up late on Friday night (you have no idea how hard it was to pretend that I wasn’t at all tired at 10.45pm on a Friday evening!) and they had a glorious evening watching Red Dwarf, drinking a selection of educational ales and playing poker.

There was an abundance of old skool activities to entertain all (but mainly the boys) on saturday. We had subutteo (there was a tornament), an N64 (with GoldenEye and Street Fighter), swingball in the garden and, most excitingly of all, we had a candy floss machine. We also were entertained by a games the lads invented (throw stones from one end of the garden into empty plant pots at the other), which entertained them for a long time. We had readings of Dr Seuss (Fox in Sox read by Mr Knox). And finally, late night screenings of the Flight of the Navigator and Withnail and I.

What a delightful day! The low point for me is when I had a major wardrobe malfunction and came out of the toilet with the back of my skirt completely tucked into my tights. Fortunately, only one person noticed and immediately pointed it out to me (and everyone else in the room)!

The only problem with the delightful weekend is that despite 3 late nights in a row, I have not managed to sleep beyond 7am any day this weekend. I was up before 7 yesterday and had cleaned, tidied and mopped the kitchen by half 8. I was up at 7am again today. its starting to annoy me now cos I am shattered but just can’t sleep.