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A lovely list of lovely things

* I had breakfast in the garden today
* My boss has instructed me to go into town and go shopping today
* Mr WF and I finished painting our bedroom this weekend (its amazing what a difference a second coat of paint can make)
* The new carpet is being laid in our bedroom and the baby’s room on Friday (this is making me more excited than you could possibly imagine)
* I am going to buy a new chest of drawers next weekend (current one has been with me for 15 years and all the runners have fallen off making getting dressed even more complicated than it normally is)
* The sun is shining and there are no pupils in school today (staff training)

I hope that you have a lovely list of lovely things today …

Lovely people make me happy

Several weeks ago the charger for my laptop broke. My new-second-hand-from-ebay laptop. Our only computer at home. Part of the cable has frayed and it no longer charges my macbook, which now has run out of juice and wont turn on. So, there is no computer at home (apart from the days Mr WF works from home and has his work laptop with him). And therefore, no access to all the websites banned at work (mainly facebook).

Anyhow, I have been on the scrounge as a new cable costs far too much money. I have tried freecycle. I have asked around people who I know are mac users. And I have asked the IT department at work. Surely someone has got an old one floating around somewhere. But no luck yet. However, the IT guys have gone out of their way to help me (one of them has just had twins and understands the need for economising!). So, they are going to try and fix my broken charger. And failing that, they will search out the cheapest place for me to buy a replacement.

I am very grateful to them for making all this extra effort for me. I wonder if its because I made them cake when they fixed my camera for me last year? I think, probably, its just because they are lovely. And that makes me happy.


So, despite all your comments I am in work today. I spoke to the midwife and she said that there is not too much to worry about. If I get flu I need to rest and keep hydrated but its not likely to cause problems or harm baby.

The real issue is how stressed its making me. I am confident that I am doing the right thing and it wouldn’t sit right to phone in sick when there is nothing wrong with me. The problem is that most of my colleagues (barring senior staff, my boss and personnel) think I shouldn’t be here and keep telling me so. This is stressing me out a lot. Am I being irresponsible? (No because I have taken medical advice). Am I a bad mother? Should I really be here? What if I get swine flu and something happens to my baby? Will it be my fault?

Ultimately, I am doing what Mr WF and I have agreed is the right thing. I guess that we have got to get used to people disagreeing with or disapproving of our parenting. Doesn’t make it any easier though.

However, I do have a nice day with a group of pupils who are practising a performance with a comedian. I don’t have to be involved at all so I have brought a good book and my knitting and am looking forward to a gentle day.

This little piggy…

I have lots of very exciting things to blog about but will save them til I can stop thinking about the palaver at school. Heres an update:
* Attendance today is 68%
* 45 pupils have been sent home this morning with flu and vomiting
* One confirmed case among staff
* At least 5 members of staff in school with flu and vomiting too scared to go home because its frowned upon to take time off sick
* Head is saying that HPA wont close school (I suspect that the head could probably decide to do this without their approval)
* Emergency Union meetings taking place tomorrow as staff are furious
* Am extremely stressed as colleagues (but not senior management) keep telling me I shouldn’t be here
* Too stressed to go home because boss thinks its a load of nonsense


So, when the school rang the HPA to tell them that 21% of pupils (thats over 200 kids) were off sick they misheard. They thought she said 21 pupils were unwell. Waiting to hear if this means the school will actually close…

So maybe I will get to enjoy the sunshine and the tennis today after all.

Will they wont they

There has been much excitement and drama at work today. We have 5 confirmed cases of swine flu, over 20% of pupils absent and a further 25 sent home with flu symptoms and vomiting today.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) are assessing the situation and will inform the school later on if it needs to close. All the staff are wondering and gossiping – will they or wont they?

From a purely selfish point of view a week off while the weather is nice and Wimbledon is on sounds thoroughly appealing.

Update – just had an email from the Head Teacher informing us that it is business as usual and all school activities should continue as planned. I’m not sure what I think though as last week we had a similar email saying that there were no known cases among pupils when most staff knew that 1 already had been diagnosed. The speculation continues…

Cleaning the car

So, this afternoon I took the brave step for cleaning and vacuuming the inside of the car. It was disgusting, full of hair and fluff and dirt and rubbish.

What upset me most was a discovery in the drivers door. Now, Mr WF is known to leave rubbish in the drivers door. It does make me a little bit cross on occasions but mostly I try to ignore it. But today I discovered a nearly full pack of chocolate digestives that had been languishing under a pile of rubbish for goodness knows how long. A pack of chocolate biscuits in the car, wasted, when there was a pregnant lady inside the house. A house with NO chocolate digestives in it. A house with NO biscuits at all. How could he do this to me?

[I also found several peices remaining of a bar of Green & Balcks White Chocolate in the passenger side door but I know that it was me that left them there. However, this is not as heinous a crime as it wasn’t chocolate digestives, I had eaten most of it anyway and I was vaguely aware of its existence.]


I was on a training course last night. It was long and hot and in a stuffy little airless room so I drank vast quantities of liquid. When it finished I dashed to the toilet – it was already occupied. I stood and waited, legs crossed for what seemed like forever. Finally they came out. I had my hand on the door ready to go in and someone started talking to me.

So, you’re a teacher then?

No, I work in pastoral care in a school. [Please let me do a wee]

Oh. Whats you’re job title?

Pastoral Assistant. [I need a wee. I need a wee]

I once applied for a job like that. Do you enjoy it?

Yes. Sometimes. [Please stop being nice and talking to me because I am going to have to wee very soon or it will be unpleasant for all involved]

What school do you work in? Is it primary or seconday?

[Can’t hold it anymore] Really sorry, I have to go to the toilet. [Sweet relief].

I’m not sure what the etiquette in this situation is. Any tips?

The red car and the blue car

I was sat watching TV on saturday morning (at some unreasonably early hour). Well, actually, I had the TV on in the background while I was knitting away. And during an advert break I heard a song that brought back memories of my childhood. I looked up at the TV and and saw a Milky Way advert that I recognised from my childhood.

Anyone else remember the red car and the blue car having a race?


Update – video now working. And I fixed it all by myself.