The red car and the blue car

I was sat watching TV on saturday morning (at some unreasonably early hour). Well, actually, I had the TV on in the background while I was knitting away. And during an advert break I heard a song that brought back memories of my childhood. I looked up at the TV and and saw a Milky Way advert that I recognised from my childhood.

Anyone else remember the red car and the blue car having a race?


Update – video now working. And I fixed it all by myself.

4 thoughts on “The red car and the blue car

  1. I don’t, but perhaps it didn’t screen here. I did go through a few ads from my [misspent] youth a few months back with a friend.

    I also have trouble embedding YouTube; perhaps I should start a thread on it…thanks for the reminder.

  2. Yes! I remember it! Worryingly, the song came into my head before I’d even started watching it! The things I have stored in my memory…

  3. Oh yes, I remember this. Very nostalgic bringing commercials like this back on air.

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