This little piggy…

I have lots of very exciting things to blog about but will save them til I can stop thinking about the palaver at school. Heres an update:
* Attendance today is 68%
* 45 pupils have been sent home this morning with flu and vomiting
* One confirmed case among staff
* At least 5 members of staff in school with flu and vomiting too scared to go home because its frowned upon to take time off sick
* Head is saying that HPA wont close school (I suspect that the head could probably decide to do this without their approval)
* Emergency Union meetings taking place tomorrow as staff are furious
* Am extremely stressed as colleagues (but not senior management) keep telling me I shouldn’t be here
* Too stressed to go home because boss thinks its a load of nonsense

4 thoughts on “This little piggy…

  1. Oh heck… this sounds like the palaver one of the schools I work in had during the snow! Every school closed, except for us. And staff’s children all dragged in to our school because of child care problems.. I think at one point it felt like there were more children from other schools in than children who belonged to the school.

    (Don’t won’t to stress you more, but I do agree with your colleagues! I shall pray for sense to prevail amongst senior management!!)

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