So, despite all your comments I am in work today. I spoke to the midwife and she said that there is not too much to worry about. If I get flu I need to rest and keep hydrated but its not likely to cause problems or harm baby.

The real issue is how stressed its making me. I am confident that I am doing the right thing and it wouldn’t sit right to phone in sick when there is nothing wrong with me. The problem is that most of my colleagues (barring senior staff, my boss and personnel) think I shouldn’t be here and keep telling me so. This is stressing me out a lot. Am I being irresponsible? (No because I have taken medical advice). Am I a bad mother? Should I really be here? What if I get swine flu and something happens to my baby? Will it be my fault?

Ultimately, I am doing what Mr WF and I have agreed is the right thing. I guess that we have got to get used to people disagreeing with or disapproving of our parenting. Doesn’t make it any easier though.

However, I do have a nice day with a group of pupils who are practising a performance with a comedian. I don’t have to be involved at all so I have brought a good book and my knitting and am looking forward to a gentle day.

One thought on “Decision

  1. If you spent every day worrying about which event starts a chain reaction to other events and whose fault it was and what if someone DIES and it’s all MY fault then you’d never get out of bed. Which I appreciate might actually be an attractive prospect right now, but I suspect isn’t a useful long-term strategy for conducting one’s everyday life.

    You will find for the next, ooh, forever, that people will disagree with/disapprove of/despair of/etc your parenting. They will also disagree with/disapprove of/despair of/etc each other, so you will have a ton of conflicting advice to deal with about everything from feeding/sleeping/clothes/toys/modes of transport/you-name-it. Listen to it all, thank them for their interest, do what makes sense to you and discard the rest. Including this advice obviously, which is worth pretty much what you paid for it 🙂

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