Lovely people make me happy

Several weeks ago the charger for my laptop broke. My new-second-hand-from-ebay laptop. Our only computer at home. Part of the cable has frayed and it no longer charges my macbook, which now has run out of juice and wont turn on. So, there is no computer at home (apart from the days Mr WF works from home and has his work laptop with him). And therefore, no access to all the websites banned at work (mainly facebook).

Anyhow, I have been on the scrounge as a new cable costs far too much money. I have tried freecycle. I have asked around people who I know are mac users. And I have asked the IT department at work. Surely someone has got an old one floating around somewhere. But no luck yet. However, the IT guys have gone out of their way to help me (one of them has just had twins and understands the need for economising!). So, they are going to try and fix my broken charger. And failing that, they will search out the cheapest place for me to buy a replacement.

I am very grateful to them for making all this extra effort for me. I wonder if its because I made them cake when they fixed my camera for me last year? I think, probably, its just because they are lovely. And that makes me happy.

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