Monthly Archives: June 2009


So, last night I finally had a quiet evening in to myself. I have had a wonderful week full of evenings of seeing good friends, trips to the theatre (to see Chicago), training courses, baking and tidying on top of busy days at work. And last night I had the time to stop and indulge myself.

I lay in bed watching terrible (but rather addictive) TV shows on the laptop. The one that dragged me in last night was Fat March USA. It tells the story of a group of seriously overweight Americans walk 550 miles in 10 weeks across the USA in order to lose weight and find themselves. It follows the same formula as many of these extreme weight-loss shows – team-work challenges and rewards, lots of whinging and back-biting, surprise eliminations and so on. Needless to say, I was addicted and ended up watching 3 episodes.

Partway through episode one, I had a strange urge to go for a run. I wondered if I had any appropriate clothing (and the all important well-fitting sports bra) and if I could muster the energy to crawl out of bed and go for a run. On balance, I decided that taking up running at 6 months pregnant was not altogether wise and would also result in a big telling off from Mr WF.

I then starting fantasising about going running after babyfish is born. Maybe I could apply for the Birmingham Half Marathon in October 2010. I would be fit and healthy and tanned and lose all the baby weight that I’m rapidly gaining. Yes, I know I’m deluded. But probably am even more deluded than you realise. The thing is, I hate running. I love it in theory. Pounding the streets, wind in your hair, escaping from the pressures of life. But in reality I get bored. Very quickly.

Several years ago I agreed to run a 10km race. I barely trained. And I certainly never managed to run for more than 20mins without stopping and walking back home. I did, however, managed to complete the 10k in 71mins without stopping once!

Mr WF, of course, is very excited at this development as he is an avid runner and would love me to have the same passion. I do feel that it is probably a pregnancy-related abberation in the normal functioning of my brain and will probably pass fairly quickly.

I am eating fudge

and I can’t stop. There is a little bag of it in my desk’s top drawer and its depleting far quicker than it should.

I would rather be eating chocolate though. Or a prawn cocktail crisp sandwich. Or a lollypop. I have spent a long long time trying to find one of those ice lolly moulds that we had as kids but nowhere seems to sell them anymore. I resorted to hunting the internet and Lakeland, as ever came up trumps. And luckily for me, Jen happens to be passing near a Lakland today so is going to buy one and bring it round later. Now what flavour ice lollies should I make this evening? Any suggestions….



I just had a fight with a fence whilst driving my car . The car lost. I feel like I should care a bit more that I just mangled the passenger side of the car but strangely, I don’t. Just need to break it gently to Mr WF when he gets home. (And hope that he doesn’t notice the damage to the car on the driveway before I can tell him).


Last week, whilst in Cambridge, I met up with my good friend P. We had some lovely coffee and cake together and then decided to peruse the local charity shops for a while where we were specifically hunting for a particular book for P.

We went into one shop and had a look at the book shelves. It appeared to be vaguely in alphabetical order but not quite. In fact P said that she often finds their display rather confusing and can’t figure out where to find the books that she is after. So, we took the brave step and asked the rather (over) friendly assistant about the categorisation system. He pointed out that the books were alphabetical by author. On the shelf to our left were the ‘mans books’ and on the shelf to our right and the carousel by the door the ‘ladies books’.

I wonder who decided which was a man book and which was a lady book? And would I be allowed to purchase a book from the man section? And if I wanted to read a book from the man section would that put my gender into question?

So many questions.

Giving away

Sorry for the delay in results. I have been a little hindered by a bad headache that has prevented me from using a computer.

However, the results are in. I used a random number generator and comment number 6, Leanna, is the winner of the red monkey. I will be emailing her to let her know and will send off her winning parcel tomorrow. The other two will sit in a drawer ready for when the bean makes an appearance in a few months.

Given the amazing response (a little overwhelming to be honest), maybe I should make some more and sell them on Etsy or somewhere similar…