Monthly Archives: July 2009

A narrow escape

Today, Mr WF and I ventured out to Merry Hell (our local out of town shopping centre called Merry Hill by most but nicknamed Merry Hell by Mr WF who hates shopping). It was (unusually) a quick and relatively painless experience where we managed to get everything we needed without too much hassle.

We did manage to entirely avoid the Katie Price (aka Jordan) book signing in Waterstones. There were hoards of teenage girls queueing round the block to meet her. We stayed well well away and escaped from Merry Hell with our sanity intact (but only just in the case of Mr WF).


So here I am at quite a significant period of change in my life. I have finished work and am setting off on the adventure that is Motherhood (capital M because its a Big Job). My mind is now filled with baby things and crafting projects. And I’m not sure that the wibsite is the place to ramble on about these. So I have created a new blog to focus on this new phase of my life.

I will, however, still be blogging here (when I can find something non-baby related to write about) as I LOVE the wibsite and the community that is created here. So please pop along to my new spot if you want to hear how that side of things is going. Otherwise, you can still be entertained by my wit and charm (but no more rants about work and my boss) over here.


Work is done for the summer and for a whole year after. Due to go back in Sept 2010.

So, several hours into the holiday and I’m bored. I quite want to go back to bed and sleep but in a fit of enthusiasm I have stripped all the bedding and put it in the wash. I also am under strict instructions to rest and not overdo things. Authorised activities today include sleeping, eating, watching TV, doing the laundry and not much else (authorised by Mr WF who is getting cross that I am trying to do too much).

Think I may get out a blanket and nap on the sofa. I’m sorry if you are reading this while at work. I am not trying to rub it in and I hope that you have a wonderful and fulfilling day.


On the long long drive to Cambridge on Friday (it took 1.5 hours longer than it should have), Mr WF explained some of the rules of cricket to me. So now I have an awareness of what is happening in the Ashes and have suddenly (for the very first time in my life) started caring. This disturbs me a little bit. But I’m sure it makes Mr WF happy.

So, for the first (and possibly only) time: ‘Come on England!’


I’m home for the weekend for various family birthdays and finally getting to see my bro who is back from Kenya.

The menu for the weekend includes curry (better than any takeaway thanks to an Indian cookery course my dad did when I was a teenager), croissants, roast beef with all the trimmings (I mean ALL the trimmings including bread sauce), barbeque (which will include homemade burgers, homemade baps, homemade red onion relish).

Activities for the weekend include a pedicure, shopping, a trip to the cinema to see Harry Potter (alas not for me – too scary and sad for me to cope with at the mo!), good company and early morning chats over a cup or two of tea (although, sadly, noone else is foolish enough to be up at 6am on a saturday morning).

What a delightful weekend.


I’m sat here at my desk twiddling my thumbs. I have NO work to do and have to drag this out for another 4 days. I am bored. I am very uncomfortable. I am incredibly whingey (did you notice). And I would love more than anything to have a little sleep.

Hope you’re having more fun than me today.


Today I went out to visit a pupil on work experience. On the way back to school I popped into a local fabric shop to get one or two bits. Inside were several sixth formers sheltering from the rain. Ooops.

Hired Help

Maida, our delightful, efficient and wonderful cleaner has gone away. For the WHOLE summer. She will be back in early September. She cleans for us once a fortnight. She is due tomorrow but obviously wont be there as she is away. I miss looking forward to knowing that even though the house is a mess, needs hoovering, bathroom needs cleaning, floors need mopping, kitchen needs a good scrub, there is only a couple of days before it will be done.

I would do it myself except I have finally admitted defeat, after lots of perstering from my mother, Mr WF and various friends, and started to slow down. So, instead, we have employed the services of two teenagers at church who have just completed their GCSEs and are trying to earn some money. They are twins (one male, one female). Boy twin will be clearing the weeds from the garden. Girl twin will be doing the vacumming and cleaning the bathroom. Boy twin was part of the crew that cleared our garden so we know he will do a good job (although his dad has warned us only to use him for clearing and destroying in an entirely non-selective way). Not sure how good girl twin is at cleaning so I dont have that reassurance that I will return to a sparkling and perfect house. It guess its better than nowt though. And we need to make the most of it while we can still afford to employ the help!


The Prom was a complete success. The kids loved it. Even the staff had a good time. Today, I am shattered but happy.

The performance management was quick and painless this morning, helped along by the fact that I am star employee this morning after the success of the prom.

Now, I just really want to go home and watch trashy TV for a few hours then have a nap. Mmmmm.

A sick kitty, a prom and a wee

There is something wrong with the kitty. Not the normal ‘specialness’ that we have come to associate and tolerate (but not really love) about the kitty. He appears to be sick. Our neighbour (where he spends most of his time and eats most of his food – he gets tinned salmon there) has popped over to say that she is concerned about him.

I’m not sure what to do. We ought to take him to the vet, but saying ‘my kitty aint right and appears to have lost his voice, be a little on the thin side, weed on the kitchen floor, is a bit more cuddly and altogether more special but in a very different way to normal’ will only result in a barrage of expensive tests that we can’t quite afford at the moment. Last time this happened I diagnosed worms, treated him and it appeared to go away so I think we will do the same and see if it helps. Poor little mite. I’m almost feeling sorry for him. Although his new croaky whinge/miaow is very entertaining.

Tonight is the Y11 Prom at school. It is a momentous occasion for several reasons. Firstly, it is the first time ever that the prom has been allowed to take place out of school and to go on later than 7.30pm. Secondly, I have organised it and am in charge. I’m rather nervous about it and am really hoping that it goes very smoothly and none of the idiot pupils try and gatecrash.

Also, I have my annual performance management tomorrow morning and the mood of my boss will be directly affected by how well the prom goes and whether the head congratulates her on its success. Its not great timing though as I am already anxious about how by poor, fat, overworked body is going to cope with staying at work til 9.30pm. Hopefully she wont notice if I fall asleep during our review

On a side note, someone has found my blog by searching ‘i need a wee but the teacher said no you can hold it’. This has made me very amused.