Hired Help

Maida, our delightful, efficient and wonderful cleaner has gone away. For the WHOLE summer. She will be back in early September. She cleans for us once a fortnight. She is due tomorrow but obviously wont be there as she is away. I miss looking forward to knowing that even though the house is a mess, needs hoovering, bathroom needs cleaning, floors need mopping, kitchen needs a good scrub, there is only a couple of days before it will be done.

I would do it myself except I have finally admitted defeat, after lots of perstering from my mother, Mr WF and various friends, and started to slow down. So, instead, we have employed the services of two teenagers at church who have just completed their GCSEs and are trying to earn some money. They are twins (one male, one female). Boy twin will be clearing the weeds from the garden. Girl twin will be doing the vacumming and cleaning the bathroom. Boy twin was part of the crew that cleared our garden so we know he will do a good job (although his dad has warned us only to use him for clearing and destroying in an entirely non-selective way). Not sure how good girl twin is at cleaning so I dont have that reassurance that I will return to a sparkling and perfect house. It guess its better than nowt though. And we need to make the most of it while we can still afford to employ the help!