Work is done for the summer and for a whole year after. Due to go back in Sept 2010.

So, several hours into the holiday and I’m bored. I quite want to go back to bed and sleep but in a fit of enthusiasm I have stripped all the bedding and put it in the wash. I also am under strict instructions to rest and not overdo things. Authorised activities today include sleeping, eating, watching TV, doing the laundry and not much else (authorised by Mr WF who is getting cross that I am trying to do too much).

Think I may get out a blanket and nap on the sofa. I’m sorry if you are reading this while at work. I am not trying to rub it in and I hope that you have a wonderful and fulfilling day.

2 thoughts on “Finished

  1. No need to apologise: I confess I’d rather be at work than preparing for delivery [I mean: it is wonderful, but I do not know *how* you women do it: birth and post-birth– far higher pain threshold: and more inner strength to handle babies’ needs I’d say!]

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