So here I am at quite a significant period of change in my life. I have finished work and am setting off on the adventure that is Motherhood (capital M because its a Big Job). My mind is now filled with baby things and crafting projects. And I’m not sure that the wibsite is the place to ramble on about these. So I have created a new blog to focus on this new phase of my life.

I will, however, still be blogging here (when I can find something non-baby related to write about) as I LOVE the wibsite and the community that is created here. So please pop along to my new spot if you want to hear how that side of things is going. Otherwise, you can still be entertained by my wit and charm (but no more rants about work and my boss) over here.

4 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Duly added your new one into bloglines.
    Hope the next stage goes really well. Looking forward to some nostalgia as I think back to this time last year!

  2. I’ve added your new one on to bloglines as well. I really do hope though that you blog about baby stuff here too (I know it can be a sensitive issue, but I don’t think it’s something to be apologised for/shunted off elsewhere/etc). You write really well, and I can’t imagine you being insensitive about it.

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