Monthly Archives: August 2009

Another list…

…of things achieved this morning, mostly done whilst sitting on the sofa relaxing:
Shopping delivered and carried in and unpacked by a nice delivery man
Gas bill updated with new meter reading
Handyman employed to finish off odd jobs around the house (including fixing the Bed that Mysteriously Broke)
Electrician on his way to repair 2 light switches
Two loads of laundry washing and hung to dry

I think I will sleep now.

Things that have happened

It has been an eventful few weeks. Things that have happened that I may or may not blog about in more detail in the future include:
Water coming through the ceiling in the kitchen (from the bathroom)
A wonderful holiday in Wales (I did mostly NOTHING. Yay!)
The cat weed on the Wii (both are still alive)
I had a baby shower (and now have enough appropriate clothes to dress the Boy Wibbly as a pirate for several months)
I now have an abundance of cake in the house (don’t worry, it will get eaten)
I may not be coming to Greenbelt (Mr WF has just decided to do the 3 Peaks challenge at the weekend)
The guest bed mysteriously broke in a rather dramatic fashion when noone was sleeping in it or even anywhere near it (it kind of snapped in two)

There will be pictures from the very beautiful place we stayed on holiday very soon (unfortunately I took no snaps of the chocolate farm – you’ll just have to imagine that one!).

Hunger and holiday

Today is a hungry day. Nothing I eat will satiate my hunger. I have just eaten a huge dinner of chilli con carne and rice and am now, only 30 mins later hungry again. Mr WF is making me custard. Mmmm. Getting really fed up of being hungry and as we are going on holiday tomorrow there is a limited supply of food in the house.

On that note, holiday tomorrow. Woop woop. We are both really looking forward to getting away for a whole week, relaxing and doing mostly nothing. I have just got 6 books out of the library, we have borrowed Season 1 &2 of the West Wing, and during my big sort out yesterday (rearranged the lounge and the dining room – both looking fantastic now) I found £30 of book tokens. Should be a good week. I’m trying not to think about the fact that its nearly babytime when we return.

Try not to kill the kitty

Kitty has been all cuddly and cute today. I took the opportunity, when he was curled up fast asleep to pop some flea treatment on the back of his neck (found one flea last week and want to make sure there isn’t an infestation). Somehow he managed to lick off some of the liquid and started to foam at the mouth and dribble uncontrollably. Ooops. He has fortunately now recovered and appears to be in control of his saliva once again. There is however a vast quantity of drool spatter all over the floors and walls. Lovely.

A Bad Smell Part II

So, the Bad Smell lingers on. Mr WF and I have pulled out all of the furniture to check for Bad Things that Smell (actually, Mr WF did all the moving while I stood and directed) and found nothing. It is most bizarre. We’re going to try mopping the floor in case there is something we missed but I am really baffled (and rather embarrassed) by the stinkiness.

Yesterday I took off my watch. As I did so I thought to myself ‘if I take off my watch and put it here will I remember where I put it? Of course I will.’

Except, of course, I forgot and have spent all day looking for it. Still haven’t found it yet.

Diary management

One day, I may learn to put things in the diary when I agree to them. I suspect that my organisation skills will need to improve when the Boy Wonder makes an appearance. I now am fully booked with people coming to stay or being away myself until the end of August. I am also double booked on a few occasions which I need to sort out.

Oh well. Making the most of the freedom while I still have it and looking forward to spending some quality time with family and good friends.

Things that should NEVER be said to a lady under any circumstances:

‘Only 32 weeks pregnant? You look vast are you sure there is only one in there?’

Said by a guest at the wedding I went to who I have met once before and is a good friend of the bride (which is why I didn’t say anything back to her) to me who was feeling particularly sensitive about rocking the ‘beached whale’ look in my wedding outfit.

As you can tell, I absolutely did not take it at all personally.

A Bad Smell

I have been away this week at a wedding (and helping with preparations for the wedding). It was lovely but very tiring – more to follow, including pictures.

We returned home yesterday to a Bad Smell. The lounge smells like a farmyard. Have briefly hunted for what is causing it but can’t find anything. I’m sure that the special kitty has something to do with it. I think that we will have to pull all the furniture out later to check that he hasn’t left a present rotting quietly somewhere. Oh joy!